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Halo games have always been an acquired taste. With its candy coloured enemies, a mute, faceless protagonist, and a convoluted storyline that almost seemed as if it were overcompensating for the simplicity elsewhere, it was a hard game to like if you were looking for something beyond the carnal gratification of fragging AI or human opponents. However, none of this should take away from just how well it plays, or from the fact that it is pretty much the progenitor of the modern console FPS.

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Belking2033d ago

"Halo 4 Disappoints"

So does game journalism.

mushroomwig2033d ago

Not to mention 7/10 is considered disappointing now? Back in the day a score like that would be welcomed.

Blastoise2033d ago

Lol "back in the day"

You mean back in the day when people didn't buy games based on Metacritic scores?

When games used to be complete instead of having things taken out for DLC?

When reviews used to slightly mean something because only the very best games received 9's or 10's?

I miss those days...

coolbeans2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

I agree with the sentiment about bloated scoring modules, but I don't see that as the reviewer's intention. At the beginning, Murali (<-reviewer) mentions how enjoyable Reach was and 'fixed some issues.' He/She only thinks 4 is a disappointment because it shows the series taking a step back, in his/her own eyes.

So...yes a 7/10 can be disappointing, but not bad.


I'm almost certain Reach wasn't running on a "brand spanking new engine," but was instead just the Halo 3 engine heavily upgraded.

ziggurcat2033d ago

@ Blastoise:

"When reviews used to slightly mean something because only the very best games received 9's or 10's?"

which would then make this review on par, since i doubt this game is among "the very best."

halo not getting a 10/10 review isn't the end of the world, so get over it.

Blastoise2033d ago


I never mentioned Halo, my comment wasn't really about Halo but more about Reviews in general these days

Knight_Crawler2033d ago

I really wish that they would get rid of the scoring scale and just review the game and say if its a rental, Buy or avoid.

The fact that some games are getting 10/10 is crazy...a 10/10 means that the game is perfect and has no flaws.

Plus some sites use giving a game a bad score so they can get more hits.

This is my sulution - create an AI program that reviews the game based on some codes that you give it for example if the game is a sequal then it should know if the the story has improved, did the graphics upgrad, does the game have more content, how smooth the game get my point.

I know that this would be expensive but atleast we know that the AI program wont be bias and does not preffer a certain game or console brand.

Also I would call it Milk Shake after my dead dog :( RIP MIlk Shake.

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liquidhalos2033d ago

What a silly little review, how in gods name did this get approved, thats not a review by any stretch of the imagination, its reads like a note one might doodle while your ISP has you on hold to one of its indian help lines

Dms20122033d ago

Just another opinion rather than a review, since when do reviews start out by bashing the game?

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2033d ago

This review sucks, just like that site.

Captain Qwark 92033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

the website is terribly laid out as is the review. also reach is far from the best halo imo and im pretty sure is considered the weakest entry by most.

on that note, i dont necessarily disagree with the score but def disagree with the contents of the review

the sp for me was weak in this one. the story was the best so far but the gameplay is still walk from a to b shooting everything, press button, repeat. the story help mask this somewhat and the vehicle levels offer a little variety ( driving the jet and pelican is def cool ) but as a whole its a tired design that needs to be redone. there was also far mroe small corridor shooting and made me really miss the huge open battles from halo 3 ( the strongest halo campaign imo ). also while i enjoy the new promethean weapons, the pro enemies didnt impress and i found boring to fight. sp is 6/10 for me.

i wont go into any detail on the mp but its as good as 3 and just under 2. 9/10.

in conclusion, id def recommend the game to everyone and agree with any score 7-9.

Hydralysk2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

On the subject of Reach that's debatable, Reach was really the only where the story rose above "Master Chief is a badass who always saves the day!" formula. I wouldn't call it strong writing by any stretch, but in terms of story I'd rate Reach the highest.

Was it the multiplayer that sucked, cause I never even bothered to touch it.

Captain Qwark 92033d ago

you get my last bubble.....

although my lack of experience with reach hardly makes me qualified to offer a true opinion ( thats why i said "considered the weakest by most, almost everyone i know and myself think its the weakest ). the sp fell flat for me a couple hrs in and i couldnt even bring myself to finish reach. so i tried the mp and after a few hours of that as well i just didnt like the new direction and most importantly the maps it shipped with were very weak.

in halo 4 enjoy all the maps like i did with h3/h2. in reach i didnt care for a single one it shipped with, my mp career stopped there.

liquidhalos2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

I found your comment more interesting and explanatory than the review itself. Nice one.

You should mail the site admin as im sure after they see that weak review there will be a spot on staff opening up

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