GDC08: flOw, Everday Shooter creators talk indie gaming

An early morning session titled "Scattershot of Play - Potential of Indie Games" saw the creators of flOw (Kellee Santiago of thatgamecompany), Everyday Shooter (Jonathan Mak / Queasy Games), and Pekko Koskinen (of Scandinavian outfit LudoCraft) discuss some of the various issues of developing independent games.

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Skerj3805d ago

Wonder if they're finally going to tell us just wth fLower is now.

InYourMom3805d ago

that myself..

PS: Flow and Everyday Shooter are 2 fantastic games! If you own a PS3 both are highly recommended.

Tempist3805d ago

Is probably a combination of Cloud and flOw. Just wait and enjoy when it comes out.