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"The option that fitted into the story was synthesis. You have built relationships with Legion and EDI, both synthetic beings, to destroy or control them would be counter intuitive. The whole game was about building bridges and gaining allegiances to break them would go against all that Sheppard had created."

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Heavenly King2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

I dont think the ending debacle benefited EA at all. Because the game at first was selling huge, and after the news spread through the internet, sells began to decline a lot.

Also "The ending may not be the ending that people wanted but it was the ending the game deserved." The ending is not what people wanted and is not what the game deserved. The game was almost a masterpiece (I wanted the game to have more RPG elements), but then the ending happened, and made me see that none of my choices mattered at all.

The game, considering it was intended to be a user driven experience, should have had an ending that showed the consecuences of the choices we made through the 3 games, but instead there are events happening in the 3rd game that neutralize most of the choices we made through the series, providing a generic experience for all the gamers.

If I killed the Rachni queen doesn't not matter because cerberus will clone it, and If I did not kill it cerberus will capture it; either way cerberus has a Rachni queen.....WTF?!

And those choices that have not being "ignored" does not have major repercussion during the ending, aside of the SCORE I GET! and the eventual different 3 colors I could choose from.

The extended ending was less bad, but it did not fix the core of the problem, which is that most my choices do not matter at all.

aliengmr2004d ago

Mass Effect deserved garbage writing?

Cause that's what it was. Believing it was good will never change that.

Let me be absolutely clear, you like it, great, but you cannot make the case that it well made based on that. It was rushed. It made no sense. It was an abomination of writing. It went from sci-fi to complete fantasyland in a matter of minutes. It didn't even follow the dramatic arch. It was bad.

ME3 is a perfect example of how NOT to end a trilogy. And the green ending is the absolute worst of them all.