Editorial: PlayStation 3 Pulls An Impressive 180

A year ago, there was nothing but doom and gloom circulating throughout the Internet, and now...well, it's a very, VERY different story. This machine has pulled off one hell of a slick 180; just try the year-over-year comparison!

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TheHater3837d ago

It funny, isn't it. One year ago, the media, and all those "gaming" website was saying that the ps3 should have never been release, and will be crush by the 360. And look now, all of them are sucking up to the PS3 now.

Kain813837d ago

PS3 to the Audience: I´ll be back

SKullDugger3837d ago

SONY'S BACK ! and they took the time to do it right and provide gamers with a reliable console, free online, the games were slow to come at first and now the future looks bright. THANKS SONY!! hey can you smell that? its fear coming from MS and all the XBOTS.

Packet3837d ago

"One year ago, the media, and all those "gaming" website was saying that the ps3 should have never been release"

Not even remotely true.

99 percent of PS3 news last year was neutral to extremely positive.

Sony started off 2007 absolutely blowing gamers and the gaming press away with their GDC Home and Little Big Planet unveiling.

Sony then dropped the mother of all megatons with their Killzone 2 realtime gameplay demo with everyone but that joke Halo fanboy site EGM/1Up going absolutely insane with praise.

Sony completely dominated the positive press with their increasingly wider domination of the HD movie format war.

GDC, E3, and TGS were all complete press victories for Sony exclusive game showings in 2007.

And as far as mainstream press for 2007, virtually every bit of news was simple and straightforward just the fact coverage. A lot of Wii sales stories relative to the PS3 of course.

The fact that the usual small and most diehard Xbox fans spent 2007 submitting or writing 'PS3 is doomed!' stories or blogs or phoney sales figures or inane Xbox fanboy site PS3 game 'reviews' and all commenting on them with a fanatical desperation is of little importance any more than it was back in the early days of the PS2 years ago.

EZCheez3836d ago

Oh, how I wish that were true.

I would like to know where you were going for all of your news, because it was obviously a much brighter place for Sony than everywhere else.

This site ESPECIALLY had nothing but bad news for a long time after I bought my PS3 soon after launch. I was actually starting to question my purchase for a little while because there honestly was a couple of months where there were no new games to play.

Then, I got into the Warhawk beta, and I needed no more assurance. Everything since that beta has been a great increase in quality and the quantity of games that I play.

By the way, if anyone wants to get some online challenges in Burnout, feel free to add me, PSN-EZCheez. Xplosneer and I had some pretty good racing going on last night and it would be awesome if others from this site would join!

Packet3836d ago

"Oh, how I wish that were true. "

I've had a Google news aggregator for the PS3 and Wii setup since before the two consoles launched.

It has been hilarious to watch PS3 fans let themselves fall for the 'nothing but bad PS3 news' meme. It's very similar to PS3 fans who have been suckered into the tired old 'hard teh program' BS.

99 percent of every news story last year about the PS3 was at worst neutral and usually somewhat positive to outright glowing.

The stories are there for anyone who wants to see for themselves.

The fact that a tiny number of hardcore console fans who sit all day long on sites like this one playing who can submit the most 'such and such console sucks' stories or blog posts has no relevance to 99 percent of the console buying public who gets their console information from the local news or the mainstream press.

IntelligentAj3836d ago

If you take a look at some of news that was posted on this site before September(In August when I signed up there was alot of negative PS3 news) you'll see the news was hardly PS3 friendly. I think you described the 360 and not the PS3. That being said to those who actually weren't fooled by the media, the resurgence was inevitable. All those comparisons to the PS2 launch turned out to be true.

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Iamback3837d ago

PS1 pulled 180, PS2 pulled 180, Ps3 pulled 180. Media ALWAYS underestimated PlayStation and they were wrong every single time

Lionsguard3836d ago

The PS1 and especially the PS2 never pulled a 180 they both dominated non-stop. The PS2 immediately crushed the Dreamcast and forced Sega out of business and the Cube and XBOX didn't get anywhere near the monsterous numbers the PS2 pulled. They were pretty much fighting for the meager scraps of consumers left in the PS2's wake of destruction. The PS1 might of faced some criticism since Sony was a newcomer in the market competing against the 2 industry giants at the time but they did beat the Saturn and the N64.

name3837d ago

That's what happens with sensationalism. You'd think there should be some kind of apology to Sony or something. Especially "crazy ken". Every move he made has turned out to be the right one(except the price obviously).

Iamback3837d ago

Ken Kutaragi is brilliant mind. Sony should be ashamed that they removed him.

TheHater3837d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

didn't Ken got promoted to a higher power?
edit: why would someone disagree with a question?

Kaz Hirai3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

They have underestimated every console in the PerfectionStation brand and are ALWAYS proved wrong! It will happen again with the PS4, PS5, PS6......
But that's fine by King Kaz. It's always satisfying to prove these AMATEURISH BUMBLING SIMPLETONS wrong!


Skerj3837d ago

He's working as the chairman of Cellius with Namco.

Iamback3837d ago

In short he in not going to construct PS4. Thats bigger bummer for me

EZCheez3836d ago

That he won't be involved in making the PS3?

Someone needs to send Ken some flowers with a card, along with a check with a bunch of zeroes.

TheHater3836d ago

more like a million dollar car, and a big fat check with 6+ zeros.

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gunnerforlife3837d ago

HA everyone that was anti ps3 should stay that way(1up,gamespot,kotaku, and many more)they should neva try to suck up to ps3 owners and Sony because they lost our respect last year, the only website that stayed even(well mostly) was IGN the rest can suck Dxxk for all i care.

Anything but Cute3837d ago

The biggest risk was obviously Blu ray. And even I thought it was a bad idea. Still kinda do.

But if PS3 sales continue to increase because of the rising demand of Blu ray players.

Then, it was worth it.

EZCheez3836d ago

So buying into a new format with my PS3 didn't seem like a big deal at all.

While the price was the biggest negative (and only negative in my opinion) because of having a blu-ray drive, it's really working out now in the long run. Sony has essentially "won" a war with the PS3, and it wasn't even the console war. How crazy is that?

Somebody deserves a big bonus this year for some great forward thinking, and i'm betting his initials are K.K.

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