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DGF writes:

Like the rest of the world, I was pretty disgusted at the thought of a Devil May Cry reboot. I mean, the franchise is not that old and there weren’t so many games in the franchise that Capcom could’ve possibly run out of ideas with it. On the other hand, they handed the reigns over to Ninja Theory, which I generally enjoy as a developer. After playing the game at E3, I felt that, although I still don’t like the look of new Dante, the gameplay seemed really solid. Now that the official demo is available for wide release, it’s time to see if my feelings remain.

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Hanso2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

"DMC is looking mighty fine so far, if the demo is to be believed"

If the demo is to be believed it joins DMC 2 in the hall of shame!
Gameplay has a lot of problems:
-No lock on Button
-Style meter is broken
-Certain enemys can only be killed by specific weapons (doesnt belong in a DMC game where you supposed to fight with style)
-framerate not smooth on ps3 cutscenes
-Normal and Nephilim are piss easy! sos mode should have been normal mode instead
-hitting enemys feels akward like Donte is weak or sth.
-parry is useless because you cant parry cancel when you re in a combo
-dodge has too many invincibility frames

what a downgraded DMC game

OmegaSlayer2007d ago

Not even dodge cancels.
The lack of lock on button when you have 2 evasion buttons puzzles me...
Can't think how stinger will work without lock on button.

Hanso2007d ago

agree why not make R1 lock on?
double motion forward+triangle sucks for stinger..

GSpartan7772007d ago

Stinger has been changed from forward + slash to double-tap forward + slash. The issue still persists with the no lock-on in that you never really know what target Dante is aiming for or if he is even aiming for a target rather than "stingering" forward.

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Ben_Grimm2007d ago

I guess people are forgetting that this is a DEMO!

And no lock-on button? Seriously? This is the new thing to complain about?

God of War doesn't and has never had a lock on button and that is one of the best hack 'n slash games. Ninja Gaiden didn't have a lock on either and that game was bad ass. Funny how gamers complain that games are too easy and then complain they don't have a lock on button that would make the game THAT much easier.

I played the demo and i thought it rocked, it was over the top and lots of combo potential. The levels morphing while you run through them was a very cool effect.

I'm really excited for this game. True I loved the originals (even 4) but I'm ready to give this a shot with an open mind.

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Kyosuke_Sanada2007d ago

Devil May Cry III battle system + Devil May Cry IV trick selection system + First Devil My Cry art direction and atmosphere = Perfect Devil May Cry game..........

Comeplaywithme2007d ago

After reading so many of these "said game is not up to the standards of the previous iteration" articles, I have come to a very humbling realization. What happened to the gaming innocence of whether or not the game is fun for fun's sake? I mean, if your dollar wasn't attached to the overall enjoyment of a title, how much more would would you be forgiving of its shortcomings or willingness to embrace creative changes.

Case in point, when I was young, I didn't have the ability to purchase games on my own due to a lack of being able to generate income, games were generally given to me as gifts, etc. so I never thought " this better be worth my sixty bucks", see where I'm going? I played it based on its own Merits without bias concerning a monetary value. If the game was fun for me, it was fun.
I never once said the jump button is too loose or the lock on was not up par, how the hell did I know what the developer was trying to convey.

Nowadays, we think that because we've played x amount of games, we are now some kind of authority on the matter. Now before you bite my head off ponder this, if you had access to every game that even remotely interested you at no cost, would your time with it be more about the FUN factor or FUND factor? Granted there are some truly bad/broken games that should be lambasted for their laziness but what about those titles that you secretly want to play but because of the average scores you won't take the risk, why? Because of the investment.

In closing, I personally and genuinely love playing games, hence I'm a gamer. I guess I'm in the minority these days having played Atari games which were as rote and simplistic as pushing the pound key on my smartphone repeatedly, I can easily overlook minute missteps. I once heard someone say about women " I can see beauty in all women even if it's hidden in the depths of their being" I guess that's how I feel about games.


Kyosuke_Sanada2007d ago

The thing is when it comes to something established that decides to veer off course needlessly, the whole thing becomes a different situation altogether. I mean if someone is having fun with a series they like then a new iteration under the same guise isn't as fun yet charging the same price, why should the consumer decide to settle for something less?

I agree with you that there is fun in almost games mind you and of course if everything is free no one with think twice to partake but the reality of the situation is it will never come to be.

Fans just want to see a saga flourish to the point where the game, bother story and gameplay-wise, has hit the proverbial ceiling which is signaled by closure to play the beautiful bow on the neatly wound package.

This game, if most players didn't know the name or the story, would have assumed that this was a modern punk rocker take of Heavenly Sword more than a Devil May Cry game.

DragonKnight2007d ago

To take your analogy in a different direction, think about how the people who bought you those games might have felt if you played the game and were bored after the first level and you never played it again. They'd have thought they got you a bad gift, that you don't like what they got you, and in a sense they'd be right.

The fact of the matter is is that games are kind of expensive. When you have to buy something for yourself, you want to know that you're getting something you will enjoy thoroughly, not something that is essentially a time sink that you don't really care about. As you get older, your wants and likes change. That's just what it means to grow. And then when you have only limited income or time, you have to be picky with what you get. And because you have to be picky, wouldn't you want to get something that, when you play it, you're like "wow, this game is amazing" rather than "meh, it's ok. it has some fun parts?"

VileAndVicious2007d ago

I felt the demo was pretty good. And for the people claiming that this is somehow worse than DMC2 you need to go back and play DMC 2. Thats crazy, all the complaints about this reboot being too easy (on a stage thats probably one of the first mind you) when DMC 2 offered absolutely no challenge (being able to shoot every enemy in the game and hardly ever having to use your sword...juggling enemies was as easy as shooting them because they would litrerally fly of the ground into the air, ect) I will admit that not having a lock on button was a bit jarring at first but after a few play throughs I actually Dont feel like I need it (BTW you could do stinger the same way in the old games it was just optional as you had a lock on button). So I guess I'm the minority here I actually enjoyed the demo.

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