Better With Wii U? – Tekken Tag Tournament 2

BT: The Wii U is launching with roughly half a billion games. You don’t have the time to read that many full reviews (and we can’t write that many), so instead we’ll be bringing you a series of mini-reviews entitled “Better With Wii U?” We’ll still be publishing full write-ups for brand new titles, but these pieces will let you know the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How of every port/re-release for Nintendo’s newest console.

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Deku-Johnny1841d ago

The writer of this article missed out one of the best parts of the game, being able to draw on the characters. There's nothing better than fighting someone that has a penis drawn on their face!

VTKC1841d ago

I am glad the exclusives are nothing to boast about over the PS3 and xbox versions.