Under Defeat HD – Review [GamingLives]

GamingLives looks at the HD remake of Under Defeat.

"Under Defeat HD is a port of a little-known (outside of shoot ‘em up communities) vertically-scrolly shooter that previously emerged on the Sega Dreamcast, right at the end of the console’s commercial lifespan (it was originally a coin-op too). It wasn’t available over here but it gained some cult status anyway, mainly thanks to the fact that Dreamcast games were so easy to pirate, you’d think they were Somalian and was one of a late tranche of shooters that found a home on the doomed console (the most famous of which was the clever-but-dull Ikaragu)."

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darthv722002d ago

the dreamcast version. I will still give this one a spin despite the score. I love me some shmups.

Godmars2902002d ago

No one needs to see a review score like this for a SHMUP when there haven't been that many this gen - damnit!