Rayman Legends director: Wii U NFC could be quite innovative

There is an NFC button on the Wii U GamePad but although none of the Wii U launch games will make use of this near field communication function, Rayman Legends Creative Director Michel Ancel believes it could result in innovative games in the future.

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DA_SHREDDER1277d ago

and expensive. There's no way ill buy into the, get extra characters by buying the doll sets. I'm a grown ass man and would rather keep my libido, thanks. But for kids, i don't know. My kids didn't give a shit about the skylanders, and lost them little bastards like a weeks later.

Jadedz1277d ago

Have you ever heard of, ''spotpass?'' That's the technology it's based on (which can also be used to link devices together).

deafdani1277d ago

Sorry, could you elaborate more? I don't understand how spotpass is related to NFC at all.

WiiUalpha1277d ago

Rayman version of Skylanders confirmed