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A Revelation Too Far?

Reuben looks at the news that the 3DS 'Exclusive' Resident Evil: Revelations is now to appear on PS3 and Xbox. Is Capcon's inability to keep exclusives exclusive to one system a problem? (3DS, PS3, Resident Evil Revelations, Xbox 360)

Neonridr  +   505d ago
Good, now more people can play this excellent game. Doesn't bother me that it's no longer a 3DS exclusive. By this point, I doubt anyone is going to buy the 3DS just for this game, even though it's great. At least more people in the world can enjoy it if this turns out to be true. Obviously they wouldn't get the whole 3D effect, but oh well.
daclynk  +   505d ago
yea. Its was an excellent game. Way better than resident evil 6.it will be great to see it in HD on both 360 and PS3 and full 1080p HD on the Wii U with optimize controls.

Wii mote + nunchuks
Pro Controller.

Possibilities are Endless. Unless Capcom does a Lazy Port.
NukaCola  +   505d ago
I really wish this would come to Vita. I think it would work very well on the system, plus all the extras like "near" features and such.
rezzah  +   505d ago
Yes, itd be better if the exclusives could become multiplats for all or more than one consoles.

this way the PS3 never would have lost MHTri T-T
izumo_lee  +   505d ago
This gen Capcom has looked to be on as many platforms as possible so it was only a matter of time before RE:Revelations was going to a platform other than the 3DS.

You look at their track record & it is really not all that surprising.
persona4chie  +   505d ago
yeah exclusives should remain exclusives in my opinion
i dont have a 3ds yet i do want one as i'm a nintendo fan and i have a ps3 while it would be cool to play on my ps3 capcom doesn't seem good on their word

on another note which kind of bothers me is no mention of the wii u and i say that BECAUSE capcom said they'd like to do an RER style RE game on wii u soo wouldn't this suffice?
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Jadedz  +   505d ago
It's for the best
This is the type of game Resident Evil fans wanted from Capcom, for a long time (on consoles).
mrtibbs  +   505d ago
..I was hoping that this would be a vita title instead of a PS3/XBX title..the pacing is def made for a portable...sigh..capcom and poor mistakes.
Deku-Johnny  +   505d ago
Well owners of a PS3/360 that don't have a 3DS are in for a real treat. Fact: Revelations is the best Resi game in about 7 years.
Nerdmaster  +   505d ago
As long as they don't let other consoles get in the way, like cutting things on the first version because they know they will port it to another console that won't be able to use these things, I'm OK with that.

I also don't like when they add more stuff (like PS2 versions of RE4 having more content than the GC one), because it makes the supporters of the first version, that believed in the game since the beginning, feel like they are left behind.
Braid  +   505d ago
Why no Vita? I mean, isn't that a more suitable platform as the game was originally intended for a handheld?

If they're going to port it to PS3/360, they're going to have to deal with a lot of texture work. On Vita though, graphics wouldn't stand out as badly as it would on a home console which is connected to a huge TV screen. I wouldn't mind that port though, I've heard that the game is quite good.
jc48573  +   505d ago
seeing as this is part of the Resident Evil timeline (this is RE 4.5), they feel they need to port it since every "main" RE games have appeared on home consoles except for this one. I would like it on the Vita as well.
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MasterCornholio  +   505d ago
I would love a superior Vita version but if that doesn't happen than a superior PS3 version would do just fine.

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ShaunCameron  +   505d ago
I'll wait until I hear confirmation from Capcom.

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