New Super Mario Bros U "Only Possible Because Of New Hardware”

NowGamer: Masataka Takemoto, director of New Super Mario Bros U, says the Wii U launch title is "only possible because of the new hardware."

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sandman2241975d ago

I own a wii u and super Mario u. It is no different the the 2d Mario for the wii. The only thing different is you have an hdmi connection for the wii u. That would be the only thing different.

WiiUalpha1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

Actually it is superior. It's sad that you want to act that way because its that very reason that most companies believe graphics don't matter. I know you're doing it to troll and take a shot at Nintendo but in all seriousness if you cannt see the blatently obvious upgrade that it offers over Wii, then why would developers ever bother doing the extra work involved?

You arent going to cahnge anyones mind with your post the only thing you do is show that most people cant tell the difference in 480p or 720p. Your mindset hurts gaming in general more than anything.

Ron_Danger1975d ago

Somebody call the waaaaa-mbulance for this guy... It's obvious that you'll defend the WiiU as far as your 1 bubble will allow, but don't act like Nintendo changed the world because they can now play a 2D game in 720p (which is barely higher than what the Vita does). And don't just pick and choose what features make a system next gen. You need the whole package (features, graphics, power). Until there's a WiiU game that looks miles ahead of Gears 3, any Uncharted, Killzone 2, or Halo 4, then it doesn't matter how "next-gen" it plays. People will still not consider it next-gen until it looks like nothing you've ever seen on a console.

asmith23061975d ago

Somebody get this guy a tampon. No offense girls.

PinkFunk1975d ago

Though I agree that it's obviously not a very impressive leap, and when it comes to this article and this topic of discussion, the WiiU has yet to impress me in any way. Though I do like Nintendo's playful approach to art design...

Side note: Something about people using "waaaaaaa" in their comments is annoying. I mean, in all honesty it's really effective. When I read it, it actually sounds like a crying noise. But man I hate reading it. It's annoying as hell and so f***ing immature it's painful.

Ya, call an ambulance for me. I'm freakin out.

Ron_Danger1975d ago


They're on their way :-P

I hate using "waaa" also, I just felt it was best applied there since that's what I usually hear in my head when someone with 1 bubble (and in this case even uses the console for their ID) defends a company the way they did

N4g_null1975d ago

LoL after getting pretty far in the game you start to see the difference and letting to novice place blocks is hilarious. The AI timing in this game is like cloud berry.

They went with an open style and the enemies provide the level structure... It is different and brings back the good old platforming I'm versed in.

Wow is there a lot going on in some of these levels. Hey but I think he is talking about the game pad mode of play which wasn't really in the last one.

One thing for sure is negative comments are not going to change the fact that this game really is fun... Almost Mario 3 fun too!

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MasterCornholio1975d ago

If they mean only possible for Nintendo due to more powerful hardware so that they can render the game in HD resolution than I agree.

However if they are saying that its impossible to produce a game like this on either a PS3 or 360 than I disagree.

Motorola RAZR i

ChickeyCantor1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

" However if they are saying that its impossible to produce a game like this on either a PS3 or 360 than I disagree. "

I love how people jam in their own thoughts in there while the intent was never meant by the developer.

Nintendo developers talk in retrospect to their own hardware. The previous Mario game on the Wii didn't have a 5 player mode ( 5th player with the gamepad ).
Previous Mario games on the Wii were not " HD" .

That's it.
There is no need to think he is comparing it to the Ps3/360. It doesn't even make sense since PS3/360 already have some 2D HD games.

metroid321975d ago

M8 2D games need more fillrate than 3D games and 2D games require serious power get a life.

Its why Michel Ancel had fillrate issues with the lesser Origins on ps3/360 and sprites cant be fully lit with shadows Hmmmmm 2D needs power.

grassyknoll1975d ago

I have never heard such rubbish, do you even know what you're talking about?

NeoTribe1975d ago

Nobody gives a damn what kind of phone your using to comment on articles. Not even a top notch phone.

Ron_Danger1975d ago

I agree

Sent from my Zach Morris 1980's Brick Phone

Christopher1975d ago

I'm going to assume it's a default function on his phone for multi-line text fields. Same thing with e-mails.

deafdani1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

I own the game. I love it, and I think it's absolutely the best in the NSMB series. The level design is amazing, the difficulty is just right, the extra challenge modes are a lot of fun.

That being said... I don't think this game would be only possible on Wii U hardware at all. This game could've been made for the Wii, although with two very obvious compromises: no HD graphics, and no 5th player with gamepad. Everything else was perfectly doable on the Wii console, nevermind the PS3 and Xbox 360.

ChickeyCantor1975d ago

" although with two very obvious compromises: no HD graphics, and no 5th player with gamepad. "

That's the point.
The game as it is wouldn't be possible on the Wii for those two reasons.

It might be trivial. But that's exactly what he is talking about. You can't take the factors away and say " Could be done on console x ".

deafdani1975d ago

Fair enough, but you gotta admit that the 5th player feature isn't really too much of a selling point for Mario Bros. U. HD graphics, on the other hand, is a HUGE plus.

That, and off-screen gameplay, are two great things with Mario Bros. U that obviously weren't possible with the Wii.

computeSci1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

Oh I get it. I believe he's saying "this game" would have NOT EXIST if it weren't for new hardware.

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