OUYA'S Big Promise

OUYA's vision of an open source, free to play console world is a bold one. MWeb GameZone takes a look at the current status of the Android console and finds out whether it can live up to the promise?

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HanCilliers1944d ago

I'm very excited abt the OUYA, it's gonna give the console market a run for its money

DesVader1944d ago

Well, an Android-based console is certainly going to be interesting. It was big news when the concept launched, but it was nice to get an update on where its at. First time I have also see a new pic of the console - its looks nice too!

MikeMyers1944d ago

It will only give them a run for the money if they get software support. Which means software consumers are interested in.

schmoe1944d ago

and it looks pretty cool to boot!

Choc_Salties1944d ago

I'm excited about it too but I'm hoping it doesn't wall-ed garden the thing.

Likalota1944d ago

The potential is good and anticipation is high. All the pieces are in place. All that remains is to assess the synergy of these elements...

Agent_00_Revan1944d ago

Given that it's only $99, even if it fails as a console, the fact that it supports full XBMC, Netflix, and the others, makes it a great little media stream device. Likely better then most on the market with being more powerful and at the same price point or cheaper.

r211944d ago

Dont forget its small cube shape and size. Its literally a portable console seeing as you can just carry it around with your hands!

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The story is too old to be commented.