GDC: Splash Damage says new action IP will be 'deeper than Enemy Territory'

Talking to videogaming247 ahead of GDC in San Francisco today, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars developer Splash Damage has confirmed that it's now working on a brand new IP - an action project leading on PC - and that it will be as "deep, or deeper" than last year's id franchise-shooter.

"We want to demonstrate that we can do something completely new," said Splash Damage owner Paul Wedgwood, adding that ongoing attempts to make Enemy Territory: Quake Wars easier on new players had informed the entire approach to the new game, with "a third" of the company's efforts going into making an interface to help out newbies.

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Rice3800d ago

I like that, "new action IP will be deeper than Enemy Territory"... If someone said that i would give them like bubbles everytime i

ngg123453800d ago

That game didn't have depth

Rooted_Dust3799d ago

Hopefully this time they will release the game before the hype withers on the vine.