TGDaily: Lost Odyssey Review - Lost Odyssey loses some of its charm due to technical issues

Mark Raby of TGDaily writes: Lost Odyssey has an amazing story, unbelievable graphics and an award-worthy soundtrack; it's just too bad the game itself faces antiquated mechanics and blatant rip-offs of others in the genre.

The credit list for Lost Odyssey includes an award-winning novelist, a renowned music composer and a world-famous Japanese artist. Production on the game began more than a year before the Xbox 360 was even released, and it is easily the biggest project to date for Microsoft Game Studios.

As such, the game shines on so many levels. It is one of the first console RPGs to have full 1080p HD video support. The soundtrack is amazing at times, and by the time you get through the game you'll have read through enough text to create an amazingly well-written novel.

The problem is, however, that the actual "video game" part of Lost Odyssey feels clunky. More than any other RPG that comes to mind, the work needed to advance the story is less worthwhile than the story itself.

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