1UP: Our most wanted Wii games for 2008

1UP writes:

"While Nintendo is still selling Wiis as fast as they can make them, big-name titles have continued to be fairly few and far between. Will 2008 deliver more of the goods gamers crave? Let's find out."

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Iron Man 23565d ago

Dark Sniper is really looking forward to SSBB,Mario Kart and Okami on the Nintendo Wii


wiizy3565d ago

disaster, band mashup and dangerous creatures from thq, all the namco games, and pes2008

PS360WII3565d ago

Yes all good stuff and plenty we don't know about ^^

Eretik3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

And Samba di Amigo...
And Rock band...
So we have more than dozen cool games with absolutely different gameplay.
Not so bad for small, poor Wii.. :)

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