The Far Cry Experience: Episode 4 + Bonus video interview with Michael Mando

The Far Cry Experience: Episode 4 is now available on YouTube via Machimina's channel. This has been announced to be the last of 4 episodes, however, there is a twist to the story. Does Christopher Mintz-Plasse get caught by Vaas? Yes! In fact, there is more to it than meets the eye.
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teezanpleez2004d ago

haha the episode is freaking good !! the interview is hilarious !!

djslimzz2004d ago

The guy hiding in the back of the couch made me laugh so hard. Props to the one who took Ivy

djslimzz2003d ago

Although that might be irrelevant, I agree with you. HEY YOU, GUY IN THE BACK...SHOW US YOUR FACE!

WTH was he doing back there anyways...odd

candybooty2004d ago

Pretty funny interview, I lol'd when he kept losing track of what he was saying

nassour2003d ago

back as the block button during in a 3D fight...let alone Soul Calibur 5, come on guys....