What I Want To See in Mirror's Edge 2

Phill Oliver of ToastieTech writes about what he would like to see from DICE's upcoming sequel to Mirror's Edge.

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TheElderRat1973d ago

Oh god so many hours of my life invested in this game. Hope DICE can at least do a half decent job of reviving the game as it deserves a proper sequel, screw BF4 or BC3 development for another year and stick with this!

Shadonic1973d ago

I agree 100% man we dont want anymore shooters we want Mirrors Edge. Really would like to possibly see some sort of uniqie online gamemodes like a raceing one and also some open world aspects in the game they have a beutiful city and I want to explore it.

Yi-Long1973d ago

I agree that it should (mostly) be kept 'outside' where you have freedom...

The first part of Mirror's Edge was amazing, and then they went through malls, offices, sewers, and that magic was kinda lost.

I feel it would just work better as a 'racing' game, so still that great parkour-gameplay and the brilliant visual style, but just put those kinda levels in different rooftop-settings across the globe.

A sort of 'rally' racing time-trial 'event' where you just take on other runners across gorgeous stages, perhaps multiple paths like in games like Pure to offer freedom and variety.

guitarded771973d ago

I'm glad... I enjoyed the first game, but I know some people loved the poop out of it, so I'm happy for them. They feel how I would feel if Star Wars Battlefront 3 was announced... and that would be a pretty damn good feeling. I will play Mirrors Edge 2 for sure though. It has a nice clean aesthetic.

BattleAxe1973d ago

Liked the setting, graphics and the gameplay of the first one for the most part, but the enemy gunfire was too annoying. Still haven't bothered to finish the game.

jerethdagryphon1973d ago

stops polishing mirrors edge plat* theyve announced it ?

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B-radical1973d ago

Agreed it would be good for dice to do a different game so when it comes to the next battlefield game it would be more fresh. Although dice have 2 years to develop Bf4.

-Superman-1973d ago

I hope they keep white bright world. I dont like to see maps like this duck map. More city, white city, sunshine, blue sky...

GuyThatPlaysGames1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

I really wouldn't mind almost the same playability of the first game. They just need to reduce the jaggies by ALOT!!! Other than that, the first game was flawless IMO!! Another thing I loved was the color palatte.(the bright colors against white backgrounds worked great)

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aviator1891973d ago

Mirror's Edge is actually one of the new ips this gen where I actually had a ridiculously enjoyable time with. The controls were tight, the visuals were unique and very well-built as was the art direction, and the replay value was actually quite surprisingly awesome.

Can't wait until the next one is released. Already a day 1 buy from me.

PinkFunk1973d ago

Hm. Never actually played it but I thought the concept was cool as hell. Briefly saw some images and videos of the DLC which if I remember correctly were these racing "courses" that were brilliantly color coded.

...I'm gonna go watch some of them videos. Maybe get me a copy of this game.

NeoTribe1973d ago

I want to see a game worth playing this time.

Sev1973d ago

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Mirror's Edge 2 hasn't been confirmed. Who approved this?

DigitalRaptor1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

Not 100% confirmed, but it does give hope.


If and when it is formally announced, I will happily dance around my living room.

ATi_Elite1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

Mirror's edge 2 was confirmed a while ago!

EA President Frank Gibeau confirmed at E3 2011 that a sequel is in development

DICE has been working on Mirror's edge 2 at least since February 2011 but work was stopped (most likely to get BF3 out the door plus EA wanted to expand the Gameplay.....add a MP Mode)

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