GDC 08: Magic the Gathering Coming to Xbox Live

Magic: The Gathering, the world-famous, 15 year-old card game will soon be coming to Xbox Live, Wizards of the Coast announced today.

UK-based Stainless Games will develop the game for both Xbox Live and PC.

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rofldings3680d ago

Card based video games = fail.

Eye of Judgment was alright since it used real cards, but every other game I've played (on GBA, etc) was crappy.

TheMART3680d ago

That's why UNO is such a big hit on XBL Arcade???

Bnet3433680d ago

UNO is card based and it has the most sales I think of any arcade game on XBL, not sure though

silenius3680d ago

Magic the Gathering was an exelent card game (especialy the old ones)
and the video game was exactly like the real life card game...
If this game comes to XBOX Live its gonna kick ass... Thank you Wizards of the Coast !!!! :)

Premonition3680d ago

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, i hope this ones good, i just recently got back into MTG when i saw finkel pwn and own in a pro tour over the weekend, i cant wait to see how this turns out, but the actual card game> video game any day.

SilPho3680d ago

Shame it's not on the PSN actually, I love Magic and would love to see what they've got here, (Unless it's the same as what is currently available on PC, but I doubt that).

Talvish3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

I do enjoy card based games that are re-done as video games. 15 years ago I played the card game quite a bit with friends in university and since have tried some variants that have shown up on the PC.

For those waiting, check out Culdcept Saga (see demo on Live). It is like Magic: the Gathering meets Monopoly. I'm working my way through it right now.

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