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72% score for Hitman Absolution at

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jon12341257d ago

on your first play through, play on purist, its fun :)

Nunchez1257d ago

Really 72? No way I'm playing on Expert and it's so so fun. I get my ass kicked on Purist.

guitarded771257d ago

Can't wait to play it, but I guess I have to. Bought too many games for Black Friday, now I have to buy Christmas gifts. I think my Black Friday game stock will keep me busy until the price drops a bit, but the gameplay I've seen looks awesome.

Der_Kommandant1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

Amazing game that requires a lot of patience, if you don't have it just stay away from it.

ufo8mycat1257d ago

THe problem with the game is it is to heavily scripted as regardds to your targets.

They all follow a certain path and it becomes very predictable.

Would of been much better if it was open worldish as well.

xPhearR3dx1257d ago

So does every other Hitman game. Every target had a scripted path. If you think otherwise, I suggest you load up the old games and see for yourself.