Tomb Raider will be 12-15 hours long, Lara will have regen health and can't swim

Although Lara is an adept swimmer in the Tomb Raider series, the upcoming reboot will apparently chronicle a time when she still needed floaties. On the upside, this was a time when she adopted Wolverine’s regeneration powers.

What exactly am I talking about, you ask? Crystal Dynamics global brand director Karl Stewart recently went on Twitter to answer fans’ questions about the game.

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Abash1729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

12-15 hours means more like 8-10 hours.

GuyThatPlaysGames1729d ago

And so the truth comes out with this game lol. More disappointments coming soon!!

Abash1729d ago

Honestly every Tomb Raider showing just looked like an engine showcase, there was barely any gameplay or anything of substance shown. Yeah the game looks visually impressive, but I have yet to see any promise in any other area of the game outside of graphics

Blacktric1729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

"Our game will focus on a younger Lara whose only aim will be survival in a harsh environment with nothing much to help her."

And then they put auto health regen.

Quality game development right there. Not to mention taking out the ability to swim to save on dev budget and time.

rainslacker1729d ago

Swimming is hard...I mean the first game had it quite a bit. Of course, given how crappy the swim mechanics were of the first games maybe this should be considered a feature.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31729d ago

8-10 hours has been the norm this gen. People's favorite treasure hunter this gen has been in games with the same length of time, lol, and I didn't hear a peep out of people. Don't get me started on re-gen health, seeing as though everyone complained about Far Cry 2 and the syringes and malaria medicine. I can't wait to see how the hunting portion turns out though.

vandal GAB1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

Tombraider @ Eurogamer expo 2012, plenty of gameplay and info..

The game looks awesome!

JoySticksFTW1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

@ Blacktric

Seriously. PS2's MGS3 had a harsh survival theme.

Naked Snake was hunting / hoarding animal and plant life for food and meds.

And he wasn't just eating to keep his health up.

If you let him go hungry, Snake's aim got shoddy and enemy soldiers might find him easier by hearing his stomach growl. Eat the wrong thing and you got a messed up stomach. Or really screw yourself if you can't or neglect to find the right plant for ointments and splinting broken bones.

And people pan Kojima. Please...

That's some survival right there. But as everyone knows, unless the name has a Souls at the end, games have been about hand-holding and a more "fun" experience for the mainstream audience this console gen.

Thank goodness for a few devs going in the other direction (Day Z!) to produce a challenging game, without using a higher difficulty setting in the options to simply bump up opponent health and use cheap AI tactics.

But I still want to check this TR out, even though the no swimming thing is irksome. I mean Lara out-swims sharks, so I figured she was a natural swimmer since she was a toddler.

Ah well, will wait and see as more info comes.

SilentNegotiator1728d ago

I was rolling my eyes when everyone got excited for more Lara Croft and thought it was going to be revolutionary because they gave her smaller breasts.

SephirothX211728d ago

Hasn't Uncharted and Gears regen health? I don't like regen health but I also don't like inconsistency.

The_Infected1728d ago

She can't swim? Haha I laughed my ass off.

knowyourstuff1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

It isn't that she can't swim, dishonest headline, it's that there is no water level or need for Lara to swim. It isn't like there's going to be water in places, and just like in GTA Vice City you'll die whenever you're up to your waste in water lol

People typically hate water levels anyway, so I don't blame them for not putting one in.

Cam9771728d ago

They've copied Uncharted... And failed.
Health regen is downright laughable in a SURVIVAL GAME!
No swimming? How old is Lara? And this is set in modern times? Get lost, lazy devs exposed!
I'm sure more disappointments will come - be ready people.

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ATi_Elite1729d ago

What do you mean Lara can't swim?

No swimming means Tomb Raider will be more like Pitfall!

vallencer1728d ago

But I like pitfall......

Mounce1729d ago

What's with all this bloody irrational trash-talking of this game?

You guys getting a hardon for bashing a game that you've never fucking even played yet? Where the hell is this hate-train coming from? Unreasonable.... whether I get downvoted for speaking the truth or not, no ones from the future, yet everyones getting 'Agrees' for posting flamebait on shit they don't know and whining about regen health? Right....

Not being able to swim is silly, that much I can say....

All the rest of these comments are fucking pathetic though. Little whiny babies.

rjdofu1728d ago

Lol easy there champ, why u mad tho?

The game is advertised as survival, now they put the freaking regen health, how is that survival huh? Don't talk trash if you know nothing.

krazykombatant1728d ago

"What's with all this bloody irrational trash-talking"

Funny you should say that, I got this little feeling to check your past comments and guess what you fall into the same category as most people here who bash things irrationally, that is to say the WiiU. So deal with the bitching, this is n4g. Where we bash anything that might be considered news worthy on this website.

Which judging by the recent amount of approved material would mean very low standards.

Mounce1728d ago

Oh shit man, watch out, krazykombatant is a super detective! Surely that makes your ability to judge others much more concrete!~

If I'm to trash talk, it's with logic and evidence....There's no evidence or rational thought, reasoning, put into this beyond what I already said of the silliness of no swimming.

and to @rjdofu, someone who uses the childish and old-time taunt of asking if someone is mad or not. I'm clearly not the one mad when everyone above me are tossing salads about a game that's not even out yet, Bro. I'm mad at ignorance, if you think I'm not allowed to be annoying by common human ignorance, then I'd simply laugh at you.

So the definition of Survival is especially defined Health-choice? Resident Evil styled maybe? Do you simply not have faith that they've found a way to integrate regen to a degree that is reasonable? Maybe it's VERY slow regeneration? Is the point not to analyze these things but to jump on their dick and ride it hard while bitching and moaning about the developers doing everything wrong before you've even played the game yourself?

No, just no. Wait for the final release, play it, then say what you feel. It'd be your own opinion and a valid one, but how people are handling it now? It's obnoxious. Same as ME3 fanboys and Sega fanboys lashing out.

TheXgamerLive1729d ago

No. Probably more like 20 to 30 hrs. if gamers would stop cheating and by that i mean aka walkthrough guides, wiki, youtube vids the game and actually search it through and enjoy, but nope they have to always take short cuts so they can say " I beat it in 8 hrs.". bah hardly.

MuhammadJA1728d ago

Finally, some sense in N4G.

Xenomorph1728d ago

Implying I need guides to beat a game. I beat Assassins creed in like 3 days doing all the side missions and no guides. Games are just easier now and puzzles are almost non-existent.

Kran1728d ago

in my eyes, 12-15 hours is normally 19-25 at the pace I like to play my games. :)

Anyone else with me?

cervantes991728d ago

Games are meant to be savored - not rushed through. Adventure games like these beg for the player to take time and search out everything.

So yes, I am with you :)

Yukicore1728d ago

My gaming experience is being ruined as I check every corner for something, and I always do, so that I don't miss anything, making games like Skyrim become more like work, not fun, managing all the weight and items that I have stored all over the house, placed them in different group order, to make it easier.

That is why I prefer sand-box style games, I can go there, do that, and then later come back, if I have a need to.

I'd have to agree with you, this game, from what I have seen looks gorgeous and will take a quite a lot of nice spent time looking at the views.

I should really learn to play games slowly and enjoy searching all the corners, but I am usually rushing, and trying to do everything perfectly, old habits die hard...

Knight_Crawler1728d ago

Uncharted was the same length and it turned out great.

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DarkBlood1729d ago

never mind the hours, cant swim? o.o

StrongMan1729d ago

Exactly. What is this? 1998?

FarCryLover1821729d ago

I know Red Dead 2 didn't let you swim nor did Assassins Creed 1.

vortis1728d ago


neither of those games were about SURVIVING on a harsh island surrounded by WATER where you play as a young woman whose sole goal is to SURVIVE a harsh environment where she has to learn to adapt and use what she has around her to SURVIVE and a vital part of that is going into WATER.

But since there's health regen, it doesn't matter anyway. This is NOT a survival game by any stretch of the imagination. DayZ is survival, this is just a cheap ploy to cash in on casuals with brand recognition.

FarCryLover1821727d ago

Oh yeah, I never said they were about surviving. I just stated that you can go into the water and instantly die.

Bathyj1729d ago

#14) Can’t Swim – “Don’t you know that you never learn to swim until the sequel?”

bubblebeam1729d ago

I hate games where you can't swim. God like the old Zelda games on the GameBoy.

For this gen it is inexcusable. Games like Red Dead and AC1 were so freaking annoying because you couldn't swim.

If you can't swim, then stop having magical water that pulls you into it. Have an invisible barrier if you are going to be that lazy with game design.

Baba19061729d ago

am i the only one happy about not swimming? i most timess hate swimm scenes in a game. they annoy the hell out of me so yay, that she hasnt learned to swimm lol =D