Tomb Raider will be 12-15 hours long, Lara will have regen health and can't swim

Although Lara is an adept swimmer in the Tomb Raider series, the upcoming reboot will apparently chronicle a time when she still needed floaties. On the upside, this was a time when she adopted Wolverine’s regeneration powers.

What exactly am I talking about, you ask? Crystal Dynamics global brand director Karl Stewart recently went on Twitter to answer fans’ questions about the game.

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Abash2213d ago (Edited 2213d ago )

12-15 hours means more like 8-10 hours.

GuyThatPlaysGames2213d ago

And so the truth comes out with this game lol. More disappointments coming soon!!

Abash2213d ago

Honestly every Tomb Raider showing just looked like an engine showcase, there was barely any gameplay or anything of substance shown. Yeah the game looks visually impressive, but I have yet to see any promise in any other area of the game outside of graphics

Blacktric2213d ago (Edited 2212d ago )

"Our game will focus on a younger Lara whose only aim will be survival in a harsh environment with nothing much to help her."

And then they put auto health regen.

Quality game development right there. Not to mention taking out the ability to swim to save on dev budget and time.

rainslacker2212d ago

Swimming is hard...I mean the first game had it quite a bit. Of course, given how crappy the swim mechanics were of the first games maybe this should be considered a feature.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32212d ago

8-10 hours has been the norm this gen. People's favorite treasure hunter this gen has been in games with the same length of time, lol, and I didn't hear a peep out of people. Don't get me started on re-gen health, seeing as though everyone complained about Far Cry 2 and the syringes and malaria medicine. I can't wait to see how the hunting portion turns out though.

vandal GAB2212d ago (Edited 2212d ago )

Tombraider @ Eurogamer expo 2012, plenty of gameplay and info..

The game looks awesome!

JoySticksFTW2212d ago (Edited 2212d ago )

@ Blacktric

Seriously. PS2's MGS3 had a harsh survival theme.

Naked Snake was hunting / hoarding animal and plant life for food and meds.

And he wasn't just eating to keep his health up.

If you let him go hungry, Snake's aim got shoddy and enemy soldiers might find him easier by hearing his stomach growl. Eat the wrong thing and you got a messed up stomach. Or really screw yourself if you can't or neglect to find the right plant for ointments and splinting broken bones.

And people pan Kojima. Please...

That's some survival right there. But as everyone knows, unless the name has a Souls at the end, games have been about hand-holding and a more "fun" experience for the mainstream audience this console gen.

Thank goodness for a few devs going in the other direction (Day Z!) to produce a challenging game, without using a higher difficulty setting in the options to simply bump up opponent health and use cheap AI tactics.

But I still want to check this TR out, even though the no swimming thing is irksome. I mean Lara out-swims sharks, so I figured she was a natural swimmer since she was a toddler.

Ah well, will wait and see as more info comes.

SilentNegotiator2212d ago

I was rolling my eyes when everyone got excited for more Lara Croft and thought it was going to be revolutionary because they gave her smaller breasts.

SephirothX212212d ago

Hasn't Uncharted and Gears regen health? I don't like regen health but I also don't like inconsistency.

2212d ago
knowyourstuff2212d ago (Edited 2212d ago )

It isn't that she can't swim, dishonest headline, it's that there is no water level or need for Lara to swim. It isn't like there's going to be water in places, and just like in GTA Vice City you'll die whenever you're up to your waste in water lol

People typically hate water levels anyway, so I don't blame them for not putting one in.

Cam9772212d ago

They've copied Uncharted... And failed.
Health regen is downright laughable in a SURVIVAL GAME!
No swimming? How old is Lara? And this is set in modern times? Get lost, lazy devs exposed!
I'm sure more disappointments will come - be ready people.

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ATi_Elite2212d ago

What do you mean Lara can't swim?

No swimming means Tomb Raider will be more like Pitfall!

vallencer2212d ago

But I like pitfall......

Mounce2212d ago

What's with all this bloody irrational trash-talking of this game?

You guys getting a hardon for bashing a game that you've never fucking even played yet? Where the hell is this hate-train coming from? Unreasonable.... whether I get downvoted for speaking the truth or not, no ones from the future, yet everyones getting 'Agrees' for posting flamebait on shit they don't know and whining about regen health? Right....

Not being able to swim is silly, that much I can say....

All the rest of these comments are fucking pathetic though. Little whiny babies.

rjdofu2212d ago

Lol easy there champ, why u mad tho?

The game is advertised as survival, now they put the freaking regen health, how is that survival huh? Don't talk trash if you know nothing.

krazykombatant2212d ago

"What's with all this bloody irrational trash-talking"

Funny you should say that, I got this little feeling to check your past comments and guess what you fall into the same category as most people here who bash things irrationally, that is to say the WiiU. So deal with the bitching, this is n4g. Where we bash anything that might be considered news worthy on this website.

Which judging by the recent amount of approved material would mean very low standards.

Mounce2212d ago

Oh shit man, watch out, krazykombatant is a super detective! Surely that makes your ability to judge others much more concrete!~

If I'm to trash talk, it's with logic and evidence....There's no evidence or rational thought, reasoning, put into this beyond what I already said of the silliness of no swimming.

and to @rjdofu, someone who uses the childish and old-time taunt of asking if someone is mad or not. I'm clearly not the one mad when everyone above me are tossing salads about a game that's not even out yet, Bro. I'm mad at ignorance, if you think I'm not allowed to be annoying by common human ignorance, then I'd simply laugh at you.

So the definition of Survival is especially defined Health-choice? Resident Evil styled maybe? Do you simply not have faith that they've found a way to integrate regen to a degree that is reasonable? Maybe it's VERY slow regeneration? Is the point not to analyze these things but to jump on their dick and ride it hard while bitching and moaning about the developers doing everything wrong before you've even played the game yourself?

No, just no. Wait for the final release, play it, then say what you feel. It'd be your own opinion and a valid one, but how people are handling it now? It's obnoxious. Same as ME3 fanboys and Sega fanboys lashing out.

TheXgamerLive2212d ago

No. Probably more like 20 to 30 hrs. if gamers would stop cheating and by that i mean aka walkthrough guides, wiki, youtube vids the game and actually search it through and enjoy, but nope they have to always take short cuts so they can say " I beat it in 8 hrs.". bah hardly.

MuhammadJA2212d ago

Finally, some sense in N4G.

Xenomorph2212d ago

Implying I need guides to beat a game. I beat Assassins creed in like 3 days doing all the side missions and no guides. Games are just easier now and puzzles are almost non-existent.

Kran2212d ago

in my eyes, 12-15 hours is normally 19-25 at the pace I like to play my games. :)

Anyone else with me?

cervantes992212d ago

Games are meant to be savored - not rushed through. Adventure games like these beg for the player to take time and search out everything.

So yes, I am with you :)

Yukicore2212d ago

My gaming experience is being ruined as I check every corner for something, and I always do, so that I don't miss anything, making games like Skyrim become more like work, not fun, managing all the weight and items that I have stored all over the house, placed them in different group order, to make it easier.

That is why I prefer sand-box style games, I can go there, do that, and then later come back, if I have a need to.

I'd have to agree with you, this game, from what I have seen looks gorgeous and will take a quite a lot of nice spent time looking at the views.

I should really learn to play games slowly and enjoy searching all the corners, but I am usually rushing, and trying to do everything perfectly, old habits die hard...

Knight_Crawler2212d ago

Uncharted was the same length and it turned out great.

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DarkBlood2213d ago

never mind the hours, cant swim? o.o

StrongMan2213d ago

Exactly. What is this? 1998?

FarCryLover1822213d ago

I know Red Dead 2 didn't let you swim nor did Assassins Creed 1.

vortis2212d ago


neither of those games were about SURVIVING on a harsh island surrounded by WATER where you play as a young woman whose sole goal is to SURVIVE a harsh environment where she has to learn to adapt and use what she has around her to SURVIVE and a vital part of that is going into WATER.

But since there's health regen, it doesn't matter anyway. This is NOT a survival game by any stretch of the imagination. DayZ is survival, this is just a cheap ploy to cash in on casuals with brand recognition.

FarCryLover1822211d ago

Oh yeah, I never said they were about surviving. I just stated that you can go into the water and instantly die.

Bathyj2213d ago

#14) Can’t Swim – “Don’t you know that you never learn to swim until the sequel?”

bubblebeam2212d ago

I hate games where you can't swim. God like the old Zelda games on the GameBoy.

For this gen it is inexcusable. Games like Red Dead and AC1 were so freaking annoying because you couldn't swim.

If you can't swim, then stop having magical water that pulls you into it. Have an invisible barrier if you are going to be that lazy with game design.

Baba19062212d ago

am i the only one happy about not swimming? i most timess hate swimm scenes in a game. they annoy the hell out of me so yay, that she hasnt learned to swimm lol =D

bubblebeam2212d ago


It's a complicated issue. For one, the ability to swim gives you more freedom, although it is harder to get the controls right for it.

If it is done right, that is excellent. If you are selling a game about 'survival' though, taking the ability to swim away isn't very flattering, especially coupled with the regenerative heath thingy.

In some of the trailers she was getting thrown around in rapids, so I think water will play a part of the game. I'm pretty sure Bear Grylls would be pretty pissed off if he couldn't swim lol.

andibandit2212d ago (Edited 2212d ago )


I have found the game for you!:

On a more personal note, i couldnt care less.

soniqstylz2212d ago

It's easily explainable. Isn't she on an island? Where the hell is she going to swim to?

Also, can be hard to swim in salt water with a gaping wound in your side.

wishingW3L2212d ago

in a river or lagoon? I've seen some waterfalls in the gameplay previews....

DeadlyFire2212d ago

No you can't get her wet.

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Jinkies2213d ago (Edited 2213d ago )

Woah Woah and Woah


Can't Swim - A tense feature in the old Tomb Raider games with your blue/greenish bar and the piranhas to look out for.


No health packs - Something you would obviously use to SURVIVE which is one of the main elements about this game. It would of been great if she had to wrap her self up with bandages if she got hurt. Another old school Tomb Raider feature they removed

I can't believe they got rid of the two things which made Tomb Raider...Tomb Raider, let me guess they wanted to make the game more accessible, damn why are developers this gen always have to dumb down good franchises.

vortis2213d ago

You think it's bad this gen...just wait until next-gen.

Jinkies2213d ago (Edited 2213d ago )

I don't even want to think about it

Imagine whats going to happen to the Elder Scrolls 6 <sigh>

Skyrim was good don't get me wrong but it just felt so straight forward and accessible. Most things which made the game challenging were thrown out, and yet that crappy soul charge thing for Staffs/Echanted weapons which put people off being a mage remained.


Have to say I love that I'm basicaly saying the same as everyone else yet I'm the only one to get disagrees...stay classy NG4

Conzul2213d ago

Just go play it on the hardest difficulty already >:(

Jinkies2213d ago (Edited 2213d ago )

Is that like the new counter argument people have come up with recently to defend a game when it's been dumbed down..."Oh yeah just put it on a high difficulty", yeah thats not going to bring the features back is it

Seriously people have been saying the same about the new dmc, first they said to wait for the demo, now that people are still speaking out about it, it's like "Oh well change the difficulty"

I mean they've basicaly made it more Uncharted like, in Uncharted I can understand there being regenerating health but not in Tomb Raider


EDIT @Below

"So you'd rather retain archaic features that endeared you to a game while keeping casuals and *near-gamers* away"


Keep them away, as far as way as they can. If your a gamer you don't need things to be changed to suit your needs your either a gamer or your not. You don't need marketing and casual gimmicks shoved down your throat to like something. The difference is us "actual" gamers like gaming for what it is, the casual audience only like what they are told to like or whats changed to suit there needs.

It's either them or us and since we were here first and gaming is something we all enjoy for what it is and has always been then yeah I wish they would f*** off.

My type is what is keeping core gaming alive still, your type are the ones who would bend over and take it if a developer screws you over, like what Capcom have done to Resident Evil and dmc, what Square Enix have done to Final Fantasy or the horrible problems Bethesda have run into with the PS3 despite claiming that both versions were the same

Conzul2213d ago

The problem with an Old Crowd is that it perpetually gets smaller. Accessibility is not an evil. It is something that is taking gaming out of the Dark Ages and at worst making it a more acceptable pastime.

So you'd rather retain archaic features that endeared you to a game while keeping casuals and *near-gamers* away. Oh yeah, you're hardcore. Big Man, you. Your type does wonders for the gaming world.

e-p-ayeaH2213d ago (Edited 2213d ago )

Well im gonna wait and see how the game will be like.

No one never complaint about Soul Reaver games have regenerative health and no game overs they were simply great games nonetheless but since were talking about Tomb Raider and not Soul Reaver i think it should have a "purist mode" (like Hitman Absolution) were featurres medkits.

Taking out the swimming might be a good thing for a change.

oakshin2212d ago (Edited 2212d ago )

i walked through skyrim on master with a mace shield benton(the race with 25% resist) i died 5times in 130+ hours lol

for the love of gameing legacy of kain please come back

torchic2212d ago

why the hell did @Conzul get so many disagrees? he brings up a really good point about making games more accessible for the benefit of attracting a larger audience to video games.

I don't like it at all, absolutely loathe hand holding but he brings up a very good point and you're all disagreeing because he's speaking the truth. absolutely ludicrous.

N4G at times seems to have the most hard headed majority out of all websites. conspiracy theorising, stagnant, close-minded majority, at times.

soniqstylz2212d ago

Soul Reaver didn't have regenerative health -- you had to eat souls.

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rezzah2213d ago (Edited 2213d ago )

Your comment 3.2.1, well said +.

rainslacker2212d ago (Edited 2212d ago )

Guess that what happens when you want to make a game like Uncharted. /s Although I recall they did have swimming in them

BTW...not knocking Uncharted, just think TR should try harder to retain it's identity.

rdgneoz32212d ago

There's a difference between a nice series having certain features, and an old series changing / gutting certain features that were a part of it / its identity.

rainslacker2212d ago


That's pretty much what I said. TR had it's own identity. When people said UC was a TR ripoff I agreed, but saw enough differences to not really care. When I saw TR try to be more like UC I cared because TR was a strong franchise on it's own. The changes were unnecessary. If they had taken the original TR mechanics and made them better then it would have been much better to me.

Still, this whole practice seems to be business as usual for gaming today, which is really sad.

humbleopinion2212d ago

"I can't believe they got rid of the two things which made Tomb Raider..."

Newsflash: the two things which made Tomb Raider are left boob and right boob.

Lvl_up_gamer2212d ago

LMFAO I was just about to say the same thing.

It's so true as well.

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THC CELL2213d ago

I was looking towards getting her wet lol

FarCryLover1822213d ago

I'm sure shes gonna be wet enough.

pandaboy2213d ago

she will be if im playing with her :P

GTRrocker6662212d ago (Edited 2212d ago )

Boobs and vagina

smashcrashbash2213d ago

Hold the phone. So you guys are trying to make this game about realistic survival and she can't swim and regenerates health? Is that some sort of joke or something? So while Last of Us has you realistically healing yourself with medicine and bandages from your backpack with no regenerating health you guys took the lazy way and did the magic regen health? *picks up chart, ticks of square* that is one more strike for new Tomb Raider. That is three so far.

Conzul2213d ago (Edited 2213d ago )

Indeed, if it has to compete with the Last of Us it will lose due to the superior survival experience of TLoU.

Quite fittingly, Tomb Raider will be the equivalent of a girl-pushup.
I'm still gonna play both anyway. One for the maturity of its experience and the other.....[guilty pause]...

VsAssassin2212d ago

Yeah, The Last of Us wowed me when they released that trailer in which Joel wrapped his arm with bandage to heal himself. I wonder why health regen is in this game when CD gave the impression that this TR reboot is all about survival and all that.

I thought this was the Dark Knight of video games which will give us something dark and serious. Health regen and no swimming sections (A TR staple) don't really make up for a TDKR experience, if you ask me.

Norrison2212d ago (Edited 2212d ago )

You can't compare a square enix game with a naughty dog game, Tlou will be one of the few non-rpg games without health regen most games adapted that ugly insta health regen from COD, thanks to those casual gamers mechanics I barely see good FPS or TPS games these days.

The only thing that can save this game is adding swimming and making the health take a lot of time to regen or just add medkits, if not it will be more of the generic trash that gets spit out every year.

Even though I think it's gamers fault, since most generic games are the ones that sell the most, that makes most devs scared of changing the formula