Video Game People | Need for Speed Most Wanted review says "The game gives an exciting adrenaline rush with a mix of fantastic graphics and effects, sounds and dramatic effect. The game is not a piece of cake and normal racing won’t get you far as you must risk all you got and driving insanely through curves and slamming your opponents to the wall is key to success. This is the best game in the Need for Speed series, and if you’re into a breath taking experience, Need for Speed Most Wanted is the game for you."

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ZILLA1944d ago


Nunchez1944d ago

Definitely not. But a really fun game to play!

demonddel1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

Man no lie that game has no sense of direction the are tracks are some the worse I. Designs ever if you not following the AI u will end up going off course if u don't take a quick look at the map seems like everything is going against you at the same time the AI knows it's way plus they fast as hell it gets very frustrating should have just gotten Forza Horizon instead

IRetrouk1944d ago

I got horizon very fun game but you will come against the exact same thing on it, all racing games cause you to look at the map, you dont know the tracks you play on until your there doing it

optimus1944d ago

I agree, i got this game for 30 bucks on black friday and i doubt they wanted you to blow by each race the 1st time with any game, once you repeat the track (or race) several times you pretty much know where u need to go and can plan ahead giving you an edge of sort. That's part of the appeal, you learn from your mistakes and adjust accordingly until you pull it off to near perfection and come out in 1st place...

I have yet to play online, but so far i'm digging it compared to most racing only complaint (very minor) is that when you repaint your car while the cops chase you it doesn't eliminate your wanted level or at the very least decrease it...i'm just used to grand theft auto i guess.

morkendo231941d ago

meh, i`ve passed on it. maybe black box studio can rekindle NFS im not into burnout type games .