1UP: Our most wanted PS3 games for 2008

1UP writes:

"Yeah, the PS3 sure got off to a slow start. With a limited number of exclusives and mediocre sales, it spent a lot of the time since its launch playing catch-up. But 2008 could be the PS3's year: Over two-thirds of our most-wanted PS3 games are exclusive to the system, and big names like MGS4 and Killzone 2 could change the fortunes of this black box in a big way."

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Cartesian3D3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

I didnt know Mercenaries 2: World in Flames has distructible environment...

BTW nice expression too .. they are my most wanted games too (except SCIV , Im not a FIGHTING genre fan :P )

thedude176553807d ago

while fight has taken a back seat in my life, was a huge tekken fan, the prospect of playing as Darth Vader is, IMO, worth getting the game.

predator3807d ago

amazing games on all systems, cant wait to play mgs4.

sonarus3807d ago

agreed i honestly believe this yr of gaming will be better than the last. MGS4 still remains my all time most anticipated game. Kojima track record is spotless. You can criticize him on one area or the other but you cannot deny his brilliance. MGS4 isnt a series he takes lightly and he always goes out of his way to deliver strongly. Considering MGS4 is a HUGE improvement from the others i expect it to be the best of the 4 series

sheng long3807d ago

nice article!
Bubbles for you. I still haven't played ANY games online with you and you're on both my live and PSN friends list. you're just too busy submitting stories! ;)

avacadosnorkel3807d ago

will be better than far cry 2

gregory2473807d ago

That's funny how GTA isn't up there...

Iamback3807d ago

Yeah but they put it on 360 list, what a bunch of biased fanboys.
GTA is PlayStation franchise, most of the people dont even know about DLC on 360, only hardcore care about that stuff or know about it.
To not put in on PS3 list just shows you how big fanboys they are.

UnDone143807d ago

After checking the titles listed for the PS3 and 360....I think the reason they had GTA4 in the 360 section and not in the PS3 section is simple because the 360 doesn't have has many exclusives (or at least according to this list). The list they comprised for the 360 is full of games that are also available on the PS3.

Over half the games listed in the PS3 section are console exclusive.

sonarus3807d ago

i think its because they didnt want to repeat the same games in both sections and i guess they gave it 360 cus 360 needs it more.

Anything but Cute3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

But if 2/3 of thier most wanted games are on PS3? Then you gotta give credit, where credit is due. Welcome to the family guys!

These guys preaching this and hyping those games all over the 1up site and EMG magazine, is not a bad thing.

I'm all for that.

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The story is too old to be commented.