Digital Downloads Are Not About To Kill Blu-Ray

With Toshiba's announcement that it is to cease manufacture of HD DVD players, the High-Definition format wars are now over. With Blu-Ray left standing, some, such as Rob Beschizza at Wired are now saying that digital downloads will now kill Blu-Ray.

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gamesblow3807d ago

Yeah, an Super 8 is making a huge comeback. Please... These idiots get paid for these opinions. Can you believe this? It's insulting to say the very least.

Digital downloads are about 5 years out from becoming normal and about 7 to 8 years from becoming standard. There is a whole community of middle class and poor who cannot afford blu-ray, let alone high speed connections and LCD HDTV's to go along with them. They can, however, afford DVd's and rentals and wal-mart bargain bin movies.

They also make up the bulk of the money going into the industry... Cause when you have money and you're well to do you're not always buying movies on a regular basis. You're out doing things that don't apply to sitting on your ass. When you're middle class and below you do.

So when you can make it easier to download HD content for those people... Tell me about how DD is going to kill of BD. mmmkay?

Right now, and I have one of the best connections you can get, it still takes me longer to download my content than it would for me to go to the store and buy it. I.E. movies.

Xbox lives digital distribution is slow and painful. It's not there and we're not ready. Sorry.

Blu-ray will be standard for the next 8 years. Deal with it and cry about it later.

rofldings3807d ago

Uh, I don't think you read the title of the article correctly. :P

"Digital Downloads Are ~Not~ About To Kill Blu-Ray"

Iron Man 23807d ago

Why have something digitaly when you can have something phisically which is better?


GlossGreen3807d ago

Darksnipa. I hate digital music. My files end up corrupted and then don't play correctly. I would hate for the same thing to happen with a game, that incidentally, has a lot more information at risk. A line of code gets deleted or substantially altered, and there goes your game. I'll stick to disks, thank you very much.

InYourMom3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

I wish I could carry 25 CD's and a CD walkman when I go jogging instead of an MP3 player. I don't mind the skipping or the fact that my disc's get scratched up, it's just I like being able to hold the disc in my hand's.


whengeeksgobad3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

most people download their music. Physical copies aren't going anywhere but it's nice to have options. @gloss green: I don't know where you are getting your music from but I cannot say my experience is the same as yours. Poorly encoded music will sound like garbage.
We are talking about movies as opposed to games as well.

I always seem to end up arguing the same thing about digital downloads here, but I always read the same articles so I guess I'll just spit it out again:

I have 600+ dvds and I am running out of shelf space. I can plug my 1TB mybook into my 360 and it holds 170 HD .wmv's that look nearly as good as my BR and HD-DVD hard copies. The obvious benefit of saving shelf space is there, and it's easier to play something thats already local to the machine as opposed to walking across the living room, looking at all the dvd's, putting the last dvd I had in there back in its case and then put the new on in. No, it doesn't take too much time at all but it is more convenient to play it direct from source as opposed to doing this. These are just a few reasons why I like the digital versions. I like my dvd's/hd-dvd's and BR discs as well, but options and competition are nice. Most people here seem almost afraid of a digital copy, I'm not sure why. HD failure? yes, it does happen. If it was that terrifying to everyone though, why trust your computers HD for anything? People make it sound like HDD's are all prone to failure any day of any second and that you should run away screaming. I've built a lot of computers in my day and the HDD's often outlast most other components in the machines. Ram and PSU's die far more often than my HDD's do. Image quality not as good? In some cases, yes but a properly encoded file can look much better than an upconverted 480p/i source, again - nearly as good as the physical copy, which IMO is NOT worth the $30 - $35 dollars they are charging for these days.

@in your mom: lolz

rofldings3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

Yeah, InYourMom. They need to invent a way so you can stick your CD in your PC and rip MP3s to your MP3 player.

Oh wait.

Edit: @below: I assume he was being sarcastic about liking it.

whengeeksgobad3807d ago

I think in your mom was being sarcastic, but hey, stranger things have happened.

GlossGreen3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

I'm a little off topic whengeeksgobad. I chalk it up to being tired. Now in my defense, there has been a lot of talk lately about downloading games. It seems that most of these conversations are brought up in reference to why Microsoft doesn't care about this format war. "They're going to go digital download anyway." I hear that just about every day. I'm just used to getting something when I pay for it. Sure, I've purchased a few games off of PSN, but I would much prefer to be able to put them in my hand. As far as my experiences with music goes, I've ripped the music from cds and digital downloads. I'm not really happy with either. Could be my equipment, but I'd prefer to have a physical copy in case something goes wrong. Understand what I'm saying?

whengeeksgobad3807d ago

sure do, and I'm not trying to say physical copies are going the way of the dinosaur. Try EAC for ripping your music off cd's. It's the best I've encountered, hopefully it may work out better than what you were using before...provided it wasnt already EAC (exact audio copy).

LastDance3807d ago

Well downloading a movie and dowloading a SONG are 2 very different things.

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gamesblow3807d ago

Wrong article all together... I had this elaborate argument laid out to. "ha"

I wrote this earlier when I was on my huge rant during the wave of B.S. we got when everyone was making excuses as to why Sony hasn't won yet.

Jumped the gun and missed that "not"

meepmoopmeep3807d ago

digital download won't kill blu-ray. it might be the successor AFTER blu-ray is in its dying stage, but who knows, unless the WORLD (not US only) gets broadband to the majority of houses, a hard copy will still exist.

whengeeksgobad3807d ago

My guess is it will take quite a few years for BLU to pass up regular DVD. Downloads gain momentum by the year as well. I've also said this quite a bit but: as encoding technology improves, the size of these downloads will also be reduced. Hard copies will always exist, don't get me wrong. But I do believe downloads will be nearly as popular in the following years, which will hopefully drive down the cost of the physical copy, which will in turn drive down the cost of the download etc etc.

meepmoopmeep3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

i agree with everything you said but i didn't try to say blu-ray will hit it off right away. like you said, it'll be years before it phases out current DVD's. But you have to remember that the other parts of the world don't have broadband and those that do pay by the amount they use monthly. they're even experimenting with pay as you use here in North America.

whengeeksgobad3807d ago

then I think we are pretty much in agreement!

here's one thing to consider though: hd content is already being successfully streamed to MANY living rooms via comcast on-demand. sure that's not happening over a 1.5 meg dsl and the same people without broadband are probably the same people who need movies the most, so again - hard copies are not going anywhere. I just sometimes see the knee-jerk reaction people here have to DD's and it always leaves me a little puzzled. I just see it as the evolution of media delivery to the home for those who are inclined to try it.

undacovabrothe3807d ago

Having things in their hands. People like collecting and showing off. People like easily just picking something up going to friend/family house and putting it in. Also unless most ppl like just renting they will have to fork out a considerable amount of money to dl a huge hd movie. Movies and music are massivly different in size no one is going to want to have to dl shyt loads of movies onto their computer slows down comp and you eventually run out of space. Even if they make a device to dl it on it could not be more than what 350 gigs. Your gunna run out of space sometime what you going to do then your going to have to delete some of the movies you payed for to make space for another. Not to mention people can barely use dvd players let alone have digital downloads as a standard. The industry wont even a low it they would never want to rule out a physical disc not at least in the next 10 years. Thats where they make most of the money and not to mention when things tend to hit the internet a lot of illegal dling tend to happen which is harder to control then ppl on the street selling bootlegs. Blue ray will be around for a LONG time because that is a multi-billion dollar industry which is not going away anytime soon.

meepmoopmeep3807d ago

agreed. maybe when multi terabyte hdd's become standard and downloads average 1-5MB/sec. it "MIGHT" become popular. who knows. it sure isn't going to be the standard within the next couple years or even in blu-rays lifetime

whengeeksgobad3807d ago

Most people are far more impressed with my list of 170 HD movies hooked up to my 360 than my shelf of 600 DVD's NOT in HD. Now, those are just the experiences of my guests. I'm sure it varies.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3807d ago

You mean like an Ipod, pocket PC, or a cell phone? I'm holding a 300gb hard drive in my hands right now, it's attached to my laptop (USB)and it's the size of two cell phones. :)

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