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The Evolution of Handheld Gaming Consoles

Chillopedia | As you look down at your iPod Touch and bask in the simplicity of the many games and apps at your instant disposal, it’s easy to forget that there was a time when children (and adults) could be entertained on rainy days successfully with little more than water and a few bits of plastic. (Culture)

TheLyonKing  +   912d ago
Still got my original bulky game boy in a beautiful yellow with pokemon red in.
Blastoise  +   912d ago
Handhelds are awesome. I've got a Game boy colour, a Game boy advance, a Game boy advance SP, a Game boy Micro, a DS, a 3DS and a PSP :)
Pillsbury1  +   912d ago
Always wanted a gameboy micro, they still fetch a high price on ebay.
Pillsbury1  +   912d ago
Cell phones and $h!tty .99$ apps will not replace dedicated handhelds. looking forward to the future of gaming handhelds.
CommonSenseGamer  +   912d ago
well, you need to take another look at the app store as there are some quality games already available and more on the way that actually offer some real depth to smartphone and tablet gaming.
Pillsbury1  +   912d ago
you should change your name as common sense does not suite you. I know there are some decent games on app store like modern combat and gangstar but they are only good for short bursts if I want to play a real immersive game I got to my ps vita.
Zodiac  +   912d ago
Own everything besides the Micro and pocket.
MichelleSomers22   912d ago | Spam
specialguest  +   912d ago
No mention of the Turbo Express??
Fail... How can they write about the evolution of handhelds without making any mention of the Turbo Express. It was literally a TG16 shrunken down to a handheld and played TG16 games.
BaconBits  +   912d ago
How about the NeoGeo pocket colour? I still have one of those in the original box. Loved the sega gamegear but it ate batteries like a beast!

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