3 games the single-players should look out for in December

December is one of the more quiet months of the year, where the bustling fall release schedule has died down as a result of pretty much everything having come out already. If you’re a single-player gamer and have exhausted your options, however, there are three notable releases coming out next month that are worthy of your attention. Let’s take a look!

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sdozzo2036d ago

Never played any of the ME games. This should be cool.

gta28002035d ago

Me neither. I bought the first Mass Effect a long time ago on Steam but I never played more than 5 minutes of it. I think I only bought it cuz it was during a dirt cheap flash sale and couldn't say no to the price lol. Maybe I'll play it so I can set my self up to play the next 2.

josephayal2035d ago

The game is made well, but its so boring

GTRrocker6662035d ago

I played Mass Effect 2 and thought it was kind of overrated in respect to the story and gameplay. The settings, aliens, convos, rpg elements, characters, planet mining mini games were all great though. Maybe because i didnt play the first one I couldnt get into the story as much. I might give it another go after a price drop. I love scifi and there is so little of it available.

Norrison2035d ago

The point of the mass effect series is you playing them in order from 1-3.

GTRrocker6662035d ago

Well I have a ps3 so I couldnt

NeoTribe2035d ago

Mass effect does a lot of things but does none of them great.

Deku-Johnny2035d ago

If this is the best we have to look forward to this December then we're in for disappointment. Luckily the Wii U comes out on the last day of November here so I'll have NSMBU and ZombiU to keep my December a good one.