EA Moderator Expresses Disappointment at Electronic Arts, Medal of Honor

Gameranx - "A moderator of EA's forums has written an open letter expressing his disappointment at the publisher."

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NYC_Gamer2036d ago

EA doesn't care about quality they just wanna compete with Call of Duty every year

pompombrum2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

And that's exactly why EA will never ever make a franchise that pulls in CoD/WoW figures. They haven't got a clue on how to create something that big or how to properly nurture their communities and build a reputation around their brand. The only thing EA are good at is number scrunching and monopolizing sports licenses as it's the only way they'll ever dominate a genre.

The article is funny though, he really lays into EA.

LackTrue4K2036d ago

lol.....the looks like the heavy gunner in "Team Forrest"

Klonopin2036d ago

What about their pathetic attempt to compete with Valve's Steam service. Someone at EA ran out of imagination, saw the success of Steam and jumped right on the bandwagon.

sovietsoldier2036d ago

and if ea would work with steam they would easily sell double the amount of games they do now, but greed says no.

Soldierone2035d ago

This is also why big publishers are pushing digital. Things go digital, they open their own stores, so ALL the money circulates through them and not some third party. Let alone cutting costs on discs, retail, and so on.

Just remember to look through the PR for all these things. Free to play, DLC, digital, all of it. They will say "oh its great for you" but why do THEY want it to happen? It's always money. DLC lets them raise the price to 100 dollars without you knowing. Free to play will let you spend more than 60 dollars on a game. Digital will take out the middle man. PR's are hired to hide this, and people fall for it.

CrzyFooL2036d ago

He'll be fired. Anyone wanna take bets?

konnerbllb2036d ago

Sadly they may remove his mod privileges.

bumnut2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

EA will plant kiddie porn on his computer :)

On a serious note, EA should value his opinion and take it on board. I doubt they will though.

konnerbllb2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

He's just a mod, unless he's the community manager or developer it's unlikely he is actually employed by EA. Many dev's ask for help from their community to patrol their forum, and people do out of respect and passion for their games.

He has no contract or other obligations. At this point he is in a higher position than other users and somewhat represents EA and badmouthing them in public will only lead to him losing his moderator privileges.

Baka-akaB2036d ago

But i bet that's what he wants , since he's fed up with them anyway

bubblebeam2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

I was thinking the same damn thing lol. I knew the intelligent internet community would firstly point that out lol.

It would be funny if that picture was taken without the Zoom option on and from a few metres away. It's like an oversized mutated melon.

kesvalk2035d ago

i take that by melon you mean "moai"


pompombrum2036d ago

Is this actually an EA community rep or just a moderator? EA forum moderators are just gaming fans picked by community reps to moderate the forums. I've played fifa a few times with a former mod over on the official fifa forums, they have no affiliation with EA what so ever.

shackdaddy2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

It's really disappointing that MoH became so mediocre. The old games were a blast...

B-radical2036d ago

Danger close are capable of so much more EA needs to give them 3 years to do a MOH game with no pressure

Soldierone2035d ago

It will never happen. Danger Close is only there to play around COD....

If EA were serious. They'd let Danger Close work with DICE to make ONE game, but that'll never happen. Honestly surprised whatever the studio is called (Ex Infinity Ward guys) are allowed to be silent for so long. Wonder if they will destroy that game too by taking the color out?

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