Rumour: Redesigned (Mini) Wii Out In Two Weeks

According to rumours, Nintendo are about to launch a new, mini Wii on December 7th.

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Yodagamer1943d ago

I find it very doubtful Nintendo said they were done developing games for Wii, why would they develop new hardware?

Knight_Crawler1942d ago

Just because Nintendo is not focusing on the Wii that does not mean that 3rd party developers will also stop.

This is actually good for 3rd party developers as they wont have any Nintendo games to compete with.

MasterCornholio1942d ago

I dont see them taking out the DVD drive.

Xof1942d ago

Does it even have a DVD drive? My sister told me she tried to play a DVD on her Wii and it wouldn't work. We both thought it would... but it didn't.

CaptainYesterday1942d ago

Wii is already pretty small how much smaller could it get?