Wii60 or PSWii?

Most people may not be able to afford all three major consoles. We may not be able even to afford both HD consoles. But many "Hardcore" gamers are finding fulfillment through a combination of one of the high-end brands and the more affordable Nintendo Wii.

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Anything but Cute3779d ago

It even sounds better. PSWii is close to PS3

Night4ll3779d ago

The Wii in wii60 and pswii are both replacing the number 3. How can one sound better than the other?

Honeal2g3779d ago

thats wat i;m going with, best of both worlds!

Anything but Cute3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

But if you want to whole thing, you better go for a PSWii.

You get the complete next gen gaming experience.

Wii60 is yesterdays slang. PSWii is now

You don't want to get caught being uncool.

dexterwang3779d ago

my 3 years old cuz pronounce ps3 as pswii hahaha

if I had to choose, I'd say pswii, but given the choice, i'd take ps360 any day

mikeslemonade3779d ago

PS3 is the only system you need this generation. For Wii you can just go play someone elses. 360 is in its prime so if you waited this long without getting it then you probably don't even need a 360.

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Iron Man 23779d ago

PSWii all the way baby!


Kenshin_BATT0USAI3779d ago

What about PS360? I have no interest in Wii but 360 and PS3 is really the way to go, Unless of course you have PSWii60.

dexterwang3779d ago

PSwii60 here as well

Turns on 360 when I'm in a killing mood
Turns on PS3 when I wanna immerse myself in a satisfying story
Turns on Wii when I'm drunk and have girls over

Time allocated on systems: 60% PS3 35% 360 and 5% Wii

deeznuts3779d ago

Got a PS3, GF lil bro has a 360, and she has a Wii which I can take home if I wanted it (haven't yet). So I'm all covered, but haven't wanted to use her lil bro's 360 just yet.

achira3779d ago

pswii,all the way. but i am not interested in wii, except metroid.

Covenant3779d ago

First games I'm going to download to my new Wii:


Super Metroid

Legend of Zelda

And someone recently gave me a copy of Metroid Prime.

Samus rocks.

Mr_Kuwabara3779d ago

What about GenesisDream64Atari?

Covenant3779d ago

Up until a couple of years ago, that was me. I had an Xbox, PS1, Gamecube, Super NES, NES, and Sega Genesis all running to the same TV (using a HUGE A-V switcher, natch). Now I'm Wii60, though they're on two different TVs.

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The story is too old to be commented.