25 things to do with your Wii U

Complex: "So you've got a Wii U. Now what?"

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Shnazzyone2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

That was by far the clunkiest slideshow on a website i've ever seen. What a pain in the ass.

That being said. Crap, there's alot you can do on a wii U. with all those options out of the box. Sorry kids, It is next gen. If you're doing things you couldn't do the previous gen... yeah it's next gen. Get over it.

TruthbeTold2005d ago

I don't even get the angry attitude that people have toward it. They want it to be weaker than current gen so they can talk crap. Then they admit it's more capable, but go off on how it would be absurd if it wasn't (which was the no-brainer from the start). They go on about how Nintendo doesn't make games they like. Then they get angry when Nintendo saves a cult-favorite franchise and gains exclusivity. They go on and on. Each in his own way.

But the bottom line is that the Wii U is indeed console-next-gen. It's earlier than the others due to the comparative lack of power with the Wii, and what Sony and MS release (whenever they release them) will be more powerful. But NOT in ways that will equate to the Wii U not being able to have the same decent yet slightly inferior versions of 3rd party games.

'Like what I like, and don't like that because it might mean that you don't buy what I like!' is such an irritatingly immature, and overdone attitude amongst gamers. As we move forward into this new console era, and continue to enjoy what we currently have, wouldn't it be nice if as a group we let that old mess go?

'An enemy has nothing good coming from me.' < 'The enemy of my enemy is my friend.' < 'The one I once saw as my enemy was in truth my friend all along.'

Let's keep evolving folks...

Shnazzyone2005d ago

Indeed, amazing hypocrisy and confusion is what the release of the wii U has become. I think some folks are just trying to get over that after the wii... nintendo has made something they kinda want and for whatever reason that tends to make them spazz to try and justify not wanting it. It's similar to what happens whenever Apple releases something super cool. I think it's a response that happens when you've conditioned yourself to hate a brand.

stuntman_mike2005d ago

these people did exactly the same when the PS3 launched they were like a dog with a bone wanting the console to fail and putting it down and the people who bought it. it's really sad to be honest.

people are loving the WiiU, and don't care if the CPU has a slightly lower clock speed??! I bet it was the same people who complained about the weaker graphics card in the PS3 and now look at the games its churning out. WiiU has just released give it time to find its feet.

Menchi2004d ago

Umm... What can you do on this that you can't do on other current gen systems, aside from the Mii related stuff? Unless you're talking specifically about the Wii, which is fine, but, compared to current systems, it doesn't really do a whole lot that is new.

When a site is listing "Reading the Manual" as a feature for a console, it does concern you a little.

2005d ago
chronoforce2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

the list is total BS, I'm not sure whether this satire or serious.

guitarded772005d ago

I already did everything on that list... I'm ready for Zelda now :D

Deku-Johnny2005d ago

I think one of the best things about the Wii U is the Miiverse. It's so great having a social network dedicated to games.

RFornillos42005d ago

some people haven't realized it yet. but once they're already into it, everybody will be asking for Miiverse-like apps into their consoles. Heck, even MS and Sony may already be doing something similar for their next console.

the sad thing is, when that time comes and everyone's getting into their own "-verses", the fanboys will still be saying, "oh nintendo didn't do that first", or "our avatarverse is better than miiverse".

Deku-Johnny2004d ago

I don't doubt for a second that if Miiverse is popular Sony and/or MS will have something similar on their console. Whenever Nintendo do something popular one of them copies it in someway or another.

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