Far Cry 3 Review: Only the best shooter of the year | Globe and Mail

Globe and Mail: "This fall season has seen the release of several high-profile first-person shooters in the latest instalments of the Halo and Call of Duty franchises. Both are likely to break sales records, but neither is a good indicator of where the FPS genre as a whole is heading.

In a future where player choice and agency will be of paramount importance, the largely linear experiences continually being delivered by these two franchises will seem increasingly constrained and archaic. The genre is ripe and ready for a shakeup.

Far Cry 3, one of the best games of the year, may just be the game that does it."

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LOGICWINS1579d ago

Wish games like this had Move support :/

Shadonic1579d ago

yea i could see that would be pretty neat.

jamesgtaiv1579d ago

Why dislike an opinion? He used the word "neat" for f sake.

Anyway, all of these reviews are giving me plenty of confidence that this will be a massive improvement over FC2. Cant wait!

HebrewHammer1579d ago

Because that wouldn't be interesting...

raytraceme1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

bioshock infinite will :D

Also I claim this to be the year of Sleeper Hits :D

Plagasx1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

Yea, this and Sleeping Dogs...(hehe no pun intended)

r211579d ago

I wish all FPS games on PS3 supported ps move, I'd be playing them more.

Reverent1579d ago

Hebrew Hammer, do you have like 5 separate accounts that you use to disagree with everyone who likes the Move? Either way, you're a serious troll and you need to be banned for comments like that.

PinkFunk1579d ago


I liked the Move with KZ3 and LBP2... but I still chuckled at Hammer's comment. Really think he should be banned for it? Think that's air you're breathing?


HebrewHammer1579d ago

Sarcasm doesn't seem to work on the internet, I guess.

insomnium21579d ago


Sarcasm like THAT really works with total strangers on a site like this. Where have you been?

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showtimefolks1579d ago

can't wait to play been looking for a good shooter since borderlands 2

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e-p-ayeaH1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

Ive not been so excited for a FPS in years! far cry 3 is defnitly my kinda of game with a strong singleplayer and multiplayer component.

A very complete game overall.

Dovahkiin1579d ago

I just hope it has a really good feel to it, exploring wise especially. I have high hopes for it being great.

ab5olut10n1579d ago

GAH! I need to stop reading so much about this game

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The story is too old to be commented.