Wii U Passes a Critical Test: The Family Test

GenGAME writes: "Now that I’ve shared Nintendo Land with the family, one thing has become clear: Wii U isn’t going to be the same kind of family phenomenon that Wii was. No, it has potential to be something much greater. I don’t think we’ll see too many Wii Us collect dust this generation – I think Nintendo Land could actually keep family gatherings occupied in full force for the next five or six years without breaking a sweat. That’s a critical test for Nintendo to pass if they want to gain and maintain a terrific reputation with the demographic that they most need to score with: the mass market."

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Gr812034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )

I have family in another part of the country. local MP is a given, but Online MP should not be neglected either Nintendo. This is damn near 2013, Why can't I play N-Land or Mario U with family and friends not in living close to me?

RFornillos42034d ago

i agree. but given the reputation of Nintendo for online play, with Wii, hopefully in time there will be better online experience for the Wii U.

if i understand correctly, Nintendo invested a lot into the online infrastructure for Wii U, and in time improvements will be at hand, and once more and more Nintendo gamers get online, we'll see more games (hopefully first party ones) get good online presence. even BLOPS 2 for Wii U allow online play, albeit the fact that there's still a limited number of players now (around 500+, compared to Xbox/PSN's hundreds of thousands).

i'm hopeful. the next Mario, Mario Kart, Smash Bros., etc. would greatly benefit from being available for online play. Heck, they can probably re-release Nintendo Land or perhaps have Nintendo Land 2 with online play.