Call Of Duty Black Ops II Now In 3D

Call of Duty: Black Ops II — the latest from Activision is one of the most sought after first person shooter video game right now. To top it all, it’s in 3D which makes it all the more interesting.

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nukeitall1939d ago

... and the wast majority probably doesn't care.

Nobody has cared about 3D since forever!

TheUndertaker851939d ago

I care. So do other individuals with 3D TVs already or people looking at the tech, hoping for more of a reason to justify their purchase.

3D TVs are dropping in price making 3D more accessible to the masses. More 3D content is coming in all the time, giving more options of 3D content to use with that 3D tech.

While not everybody cares about 3D right now, down the road that could easily change. We saw the same scenario with HD when it was introduced as well. The same thing happened with delivery of content when CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray were introduced.

nukeitall1939d ago

I own a 3D TV. Bought one last year for $600. It was a 50" plasma from Samsung.

I barely ever use the feature. The 3D technology has been affordable for a long time with very little serious demand.

In contrast, HD TVs had plenty of demand, but just too high of a price tag. Completely different scenario.

Sorry, the vast majority don't care and you are in the minority. I regrettably paid an extra $100 for the 3D feature.

bumnut1939d ago

3D is cool on PC but current consoles don't pack enough punch to do it well. Im guessing that will change next gen.

csreynolds1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

Um, it's been 3D since launch...? Though I agree, it is puzzling why nothing is said about it on the box...