Tom's Hardware: WD & Toshiba 320 GB HDD Review

Tom's Hardware writes:

"All three drives are great performers and will only give you reason to complain if you purchased a 7,200 RPM hard drive, because these almost seem obsolete with availability of the latest 5,400 RPM generation. Looking at the excellent benchmark results of the three 320-GB drives, there should be a substantial performance increase with the next generation of high-speed notebook hard drives, or this product category will die out due to users deciding between either a high-capacity 5,400 RPM drives or much faster flash-based solid state alternatives."

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CAPS LOCK3831d ago

Cool, I would love to see this in a ps3...

kai_h3831d ago

It would be funny if the Toshiba one didn't work in a PS3...

barom3831d ago

Toshiba and Sony is still on good terms dude. Toshiba is supplying CELL processor for the PS3.

marinelife93830d ago

Oooh It's fun to go hard drive shopping. Browsing the sites checking the specs to see which one will be faster in your PS3.

Hmmm I can get a 120 GB Xbox hard drive for $179.00
or I can get a 250 GB Sata drive off of for
around $106.00

Expy3831d ago

Time to upgrade... lol

GodsHand3830d ago

True, but at what price.

Im willing to pay $200 for one.

BrianC62343831d ago

It sure is nice to have a PS3. Maybe soon I'll upgrade my 60GB drive to one of these. I wonder how much faster DMC4 will load at 7200RPM?

Guwapo773831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

I'm contemplating very hard over the WD or the Samsung.

WD - Faster seek times 68MB/s transfer time
But 60c Max Temp.

Samsung - Faster 70MB/s transfer time Cooler temp 5-55c
But 18.3ns seek time

Tough choice here...