Far Cry 3 - PS3 Review (GB)

"Little shafts of light penetrate the canopy above me, as I creep through the lush jungle towards the enemy encampment. Butterflies dance around me, and Tropical Birds take flight when I disturb the foliage obscuring them. I end up on a verge overlooking the camp, so I pull out my camera and zoom in to perform some reconnaissance. I hover the reticule over each soldier I spot, marking his location for when I infiltrate. I can now see the silhouette of each enemy dotted around the camp."

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JoGam2008d ago

Another great score. Can't wait for this game. C'mon Dec 4th

teedogg802008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

Who would disagree. This game is shaping up to be better than anyone expected. Even IGN gave it a 9, now that's saying something. A great game to end the year off with. 25 hour campaign...I'm ready!

RowSand2008d ago

hell yeah teedogg, well said!!

MGRogue20172008d ago

Sounds like a must-buy to me :)

CanadianTurtle2008d ago

Wow, it's getting some really high scores. I've seen quite a lot of trailers for this game. The advertising team went all out with this one. I see ads for this game everywhere and from what I've seen, this game offers A LOT of content.

Some even described it as big and lenghty of a game as Fallout3.

Detoxx2008d ago

Same length as Fallout 3? No way.. Fallout 3 has alot of side quests which can make you play the game for 200 hours with ease

Hasanhastam2008d ago

Best game of 2012 .Great Graphics and gameplay also engaging story with lots of contect and VASS!

strigoi8142008d ago

i think this will be 49.99 at canadian stores on boxing day. I can feel its coming

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