Spore expected to sell 3-5 million in 2008's Phil Elliott writes: Although most people seem to agree that there's a healthy anticipation building around the forthcoming Will Wright project, Spore, there's also some feeling that its publisher Electronic Arts must manage expectation about its performance and appeal.

"I think Spore will do at least 3 million units as a packaged product, and if it's as good as it looks, it has the potential to do twice that," said Wedbush Morgan's Michael Pachter.

And the simExchange is currently predicting that the PC and as-yet-unannounced DS editions of the game could combine for 7.5 million units in its lifetime, while its analyst Jesse Divnich believes it could fall "victim to the expectations that EA has set up for the title."

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Milkman5413831d ago

No way, it's coming out in Sep. 9th or whatever and it's suppose to sell over 3 million? The way PC gaming is going, it think 1 to 2 million if they are lucky...

M337ING3831d ago

Why don't you take a look at Sims and Simcity sales and say that again?

Gondee3831d ago

Sims has sold alot only beause it very very casual. Things that moms play. Spore, while it may seem casual, it realy isnt "sims" casual. I say 1-2 million within this year 4 tops. Thats if they start to advertise, many hard core gamers dont even know what it is.

socomnick3831d ago

Gondee slap yourself hardcore gamers have been waiting for spore for a long time.

decapitator3831d ago

Hmm, I could see the game doing that in it's entire life time on the PC maybe. But you with the Wii and DS on board, it could do a whole lot more so who knows. We just gotta wait and see.

CAPS LOCK3831d ago

I really doubt this game will sell 3-4 million...there is just not enough if they released the game on xbox and ps3 then it would be more than likely...

name3831d ago

Wasn't spore delayed until 09?

decapitator3831d ago

Nah, is coming out this december on PC and later on DS and Wii.

Cyrus3653831d ago

I believe the game in EA latest Investor report, said is coming out in Fall/Sept 08.

decapitator3831d ago

Oh my fault. I meant September. Thanks for correcting me.

ELite_Ghost3831d ago

it will take a miracle to achieve that!

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The story is too old to be commented.