MAG's Video Game Awards 2012 - Cast Your Votes Now!

It’s that time of year again were we look back at this years best video games, now it’s up to YOU to choose which game will take out the almighty ‘Game of the Year Award’. Be sure to also vote for your favourite games in each of there respective categories.

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CaptainSheep1910d ago

I don't get how Journey's not a nominee for best soundtrack.

Thatguy-3101910d ago

This is a joke. Journey isn't notimated at all? Ill just stick to the VGA's.

Chuk51910d ago

Lol, the VGAs are even more of a joke.

fucadastates1910d ago

what... no journey on the list?
its so great!

ThanatosDMC1910d ago

Usually video game awards shows pick popular/mainstream games instead of good quality games. GTA4 winning awards was laughable.

TXIDarkAvenger1910d ago

I thought GTA 4 was pretty good. Sure it wasn't the best GTA in the series, but it was good.

MysticStrummer1910d ago

I loved GTA4. All the new info on GTA5 made me pick up the GTA4 Complete Edition and I'm loving it again. Definitely one of my favorite games this generation. It deserved awards for the city alone.

ThanatosDMC1910d ago

Its was a huge step down from San Andreas, which was the problem. GTA5 seems to be the true sequel. GTA4 DLCs were a lot better than vanilla GTA4.