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Surfer Girl on Far Cry 2 & More

Surfer Girl reports that Far Cry 2 is the first-person shooter of the year (sorry, Resistance 2)...sorry about that person doubting you. The console versions are definitely not Far Cry 2 Instincts, there is very little compromise in anything other than graphics. Better than Crysis and the first Far Cry, best first-person title since BioShock (sorry, Clint), best thing to come out of Ubi Montreal since Prince of Persia: the Sands of Time. (Far Cry 2, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)
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sonarus  +   2751d ago
hmmm nice to have best 2 fps's on the ps3 for a change. Far cry looks fantastic but in games like far cry the first thing you notice is visuals. Once the visuals are compromised it makes it less of the game it should be.
Correct me if i'm wrong wasnt it surfer girl that said far cry 2 was quite far from completion and the tech demo they showed was more or less a dream they arent even close to achieving?
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sonarus  +   2751d ago
yea she said it was terrible then apparently she changed her mind. Just proves how useless this surfer girl is
marinelife9  +   2751d ago
Big deal. Any gamer that has been paying attention could of told us that Far Cry 2 is going to be great. All the sites that have done previews so far have been telling us the same thing for weeks now.
Statix  +   2751d ago
Actually, it's the unique and deep gameplay of Far Cry 2 that intrigues me the most, not the graphics. No offense to KZ2 or R2, as I am looking forward to those two as well, but their gameplay looks like simple, arcade shoot-em-ups in comparison.
sonarus  +   2751d ago
lol its a fps how deeper can the gameplay be you just point and shoot. The only difference would be its non linearity but KZ2 and Resistance 2 will probably take the edge with great stories. From the tech demo i saw the game looks fantastic with weapons that jam when not handled well and having to pull out bullets with pliers sh!t like that are completely awesome. But i still believe resistance 2 will win shooter of the yr because the far cry 2 will be weaker on consoles. Then i think the whole 60 player multiplayer and the 8 player coop will really help resistance stand out. All they have to do is make the game 60fps and improve the graphics to what we have seen in the screenshots and its in the bag. It maybe close but i believe resistance will win in the end. Not saying far cry 2 wnt be better but we all saw what happened to crysis last yr.
Gorgon  +   2751d ago
Sorry, Sonarus, but Resistance sucked. Maybe its because I'm used to PC stuff like Stalker or something, but I've played Resistance and it was so bad I wanted to cry. If Resistance is the direction FPS are going, then the genre can just disapear as far as I'm concerned.
MK_Red  +   2751d ago
Far Cry 2 is indeed packed with potential and with Ubi Montreal at help, all of this might be true.
zonetrooper5  +   2751d ago
If I had the money to build a new PC I would and I would also get Crysis and Far Cry 2 on the PC rather than my PS3 or 360. I just feel that some games are best played on the PC, like the Half Life series for example or any Valve game, idk why I feel that way but I do.

Expecting disagrees.


Lol, sorry about that stupid typo.
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Iron Man 2  +   2751d ago
Dark Sniper agrees with you,some games are just best on PC and feel more better on the PC with keyboard and mouse

travelguy2k  +   2751d ago
i disagree
because i don't know what you said...you would "...get it for the PC rather than your PC..."?????
solar  +   2751d ago
you are correct Zone. PC rules online FPS gaming.
avacadosnorkel  +   2751d ago
this rumor is comfort food for 360 owners
but doesn't matter...I might get both.
dachiefsman  +   2751d ago
i am not buying it.....
Iron Man 2  +   2751d ago
Dark Sniper says to hell with Surfer Boy,Resistance 2 and Killzone 2 will go 1v1 for FPS of the year 2008,both exclusives for PLAYSTATION®3

LaChance  +   2751d ago
the first Far Cry got better scores than the first Resistance so why would it be the opposite this time around ?
TheIneffableBob  +   2751d ago
I really doubt that Far Cry 2 will be FPS of the year, but you never know...
Half-Life was the first game out of a new studio, Valve, and went on to become, arguably, the best FPS ever made. Ubisoft Montreal may surprise us.
Iamback  +   2751d ago
Ok first i want to warn, no hating for what i am about to ask.

I am sure you guys know who "Gamesblow" is, and no matter what someone thinks of him, positive or negative....he also like Surfergirl posts rumors on his myspace page. Now don't tell me that there is difference between blog and myspace page!
Now when me made that clear, here is my question to moderators.

How come you guys approve this garbage that comes from SurferGirl(she was numerous time wrong, even Insomniac called her blog for garbage and debunked rumor that they have a grudge on Guerrilla games) and not approve rumors that come from GamesBlow?
Rumors are rumors and i just don't get what is the difference! It seem to me like double standards at work.
If some one can be so kind to replay me in civilized manner i would appreciate it.
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etownone  +   2751d ago
far cry on pc is def one of my fav games of all time.
at the time, the graphics, huge open environmets, smart AI, and story had me hooked.

the port to original xbox was kind of a disappoinntment... so heres hoping the game on the top of my 2008 list is as great as the first... and with little comprimise to my 360. (i gave up on pc now that I got used to the controller)
DeZimatoR  +   2751d ago
Wow, thats new...
I didn't know Far Cry 2 would have 2 separate campaigns, one single player and one for up to 8 players playing in co-op and that it would support up to 60 players online, and that it would also feature an amazing storyline and that it would be one of the most complete shooters ever online features wise.

Damn, where have I been?!

At least I have Surfer Girl to keep me up to date on which will be the best FPS of 2008, even though none of the two games she mentioned are even out yet...

rukusa  +   2751d ago
I seriously cant wait for Both, especially Resistance 2. I was totally sold on it after the original.
LevDog  +   2751d ago
Mutant League football baseball soccer hockey.. and dare I say GOLF haha k maybe not the last one.. I say we start bloggin... BRING BACK MUTANT LEAGUE BRING BACK MUTANT LEAGUE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!! NOW ..

Sorry Everyone always talks about FPS..
zonetrooper5  +   2751d ago
To Iamback
I've approved Surfer Girls blogs a few times but not that many and she has been right about a few things. I've seen many other types of news come onto this site before and felt it was just plain crap but back then we moderators could not moderate the main site, we only had the powers on the forums which feel to join btw.

I will try to fail stories in the pending section if they are plain crap or is against the rules. I'm afraid I can't moderate every section of the site at once so there will be some news which gets through, there may be comments which posted on the gamer zone which shouldn't be there.

It is also you guys which make them comments, it is you guys who post the news/stories etc. You must also help us be posting news which is credible and good enough quality to be posted here. Feel free to PM me with more questions, if I can't fully answer your question then I will pass it onto the admin.
tony  +   2751d ago
this game..
will kick.
beavis4play  +   2751d ago
i guess "surfer girl" has played through every fps coming out this year?
how else could she (or anyone) make such sweeping statements. who approves this drivel?

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