ActionTrip: Street Fighter IV Preview

ActionTrip writes:

"With hardcore SF fans currently divided on Street Fighter IV, the game's future seems a bit hazy at this point. There's a majority of gamers out there who still appreciate 2D-style gameplay mechanics and that's the sort of crowd Capcom is aiming at.

The game does have a unique look, which is cool, although it remains to be seen if the stylish visuals and the retro gameplay will appeal to the average gamer, once the title hits the console market. And with more advanced 3D fighting games on the horizon (Soul Calibur IV and such), it's hard to say what the game's chances are on the modern-day gaming scene."

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bigjclassic3779d ago

its the casuals who are up in arms about SFIV. They complain about stupid stuff like the graphics instead of being grateful that the greatest fighting game series ever has returned to true form.

All of my SF tournament buddies love that SFIV is coming and cannot wait til it drops in arcades. (yes I know of a few good arcades)

skitzoid3779d ago

be one of the biggest selling, if not the single biggest selling, "fighting" games this gen. There is nothing like the SF engine. Nothing. I love VF, Tekken, Soul Cablibur, Mortal, Killer Instinct, DOA, Bloody Road, etc... as much as the next guy but nothing will bring in sales like a brand new Street Fighter game.