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"[Call of Duty] isn't a perfect series, but some of my weekends are frequently lost to the multiplayer, and the single-player occasionally threatens to be exciting. So maybe it wasn’t a shock when I found myself legitimately excited for the latest installment. Thankfully, that excitement wasn’t misplaced. Between the multiplayer, the campaign, and the Zombies mode, everything about Call of Duty: Black Ops II is solid, culminating in a whole that is very much worth it…even if the experience feels a little iterative at times." Mike from Velocity Gamer

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megamanX22009d ago

wow this trash gets a perfect score, but original games like zombiu get inexcusable low scores.

Zuperman2009d ago

I will never play another COD game again.

TheBlackSmoke2009d ago

Err ZombiU is an unfinished, repetitive, wii pad gimmick demo. It deserves all the shit scores it gets.

The COD insecurity is at an all time high this year lol

Tokyo_reject2009d ago

Call of Duty Hipster wrote this lol

Breadcrab2009d ago

Doesn't hipster imply going against what's popular?

TopDudeMan2009d ago

Yes, and hating on call of duty is what is popular.

MikeCosimano2008d ago

If you think that review is nothing but lies, I take that as a compliment. That takes a level of sociopathy and planning that is beyond anything I could ever accomplish.

MrAnderson2009d ago

The trolling on COD articles is ridiculous, if you don't like COD, then STOP GOING ON COD ARTICLES, you people are worse than the game you talk crap about. (this is coming from a dude who's never bought a COD game in his life)

Grimhammer002009d ago

Sorry...but Blops2 is refined to near perfection for what it delivers. And it delivers three seperate games! Add the multitude of playlists that adds plenty of different modes.

It's pretty feature rich and works. Glitches are minimal. But that's why I think it's not perfect. Just very good.

Brixxer6002009d ago

COD does exactly what it's supposed to do , the multiplayer is so addictive it could possibly be illegal . I just wish it would satop making my machine freeze :(

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