Confirmed: Toshiba expected to announce death of HD DVD tomorrow, stop sales by March

Despite Red's inability to make any real public statement, Japanese publication Nikkei has it that Toshiba president Atsutoshi Nishida will be announcing the final discontinuation of HD DVD tomorrow, as well as halted sales of hardware and media by March (as in days from now)

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sonarus3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

no offence but why would early adaptors want refunds. They knew the risks and sorry the bet on the wrong horse. Its that simple. Am suprised toshiba is ready to pull its units from shelves so soon but its the right thing to do. Haha i wonder when the halo movie comes out and if halo fans will watch it on blu ray (lol cold blodded i knw but couldnt resist) bring on the disagrees though i dnt mind

decapitator3805d ago

Guess this is it. Well, it has been real honor but guess people preferred Blu.

Most Wanted List:
American Gangster.


blacsheep3805d ago

toshiba and microsoft are 'dastardly and muttley' chasing sony (the pigeon) with the theme tune and them going 'drat,damn that sodding pigeon!'

NitrogenB3805d ago

If your killing a format, why would you continue to sell it, period? I might be missing something, but that's just wrong.

NitrogenB3805d ago

It would prolly help if I read the last sentence...forgive me.

Covenant3805d ago

Who would be buying it? People who already own a player and will likely see some good clearance sales over the next few weeks.

Yes, the format will be dead, but it wasn't a BAD format...just one that ended up on the wrong end of studio and manufacturer support. Much like Betamax, which was actually better than VHS, but due to costs and support, ended up obsolete. But that didn't prevent people from still enjoying movies on it, as long as their players lasted.

mintaro3805d ago

hd-dvd will join the likes of others on the island of misfit stuff (couldnt find a better word)

Anything but Cute3805d ago

What this means for PS3. The PS3 has pretty much been the main reason for the death of HD DVD.

mintaro3805d ago

i thought it was because most of the major movie companies went blu-ray exlusive

Anything but Cute3805d ago

did most movie companies go Blu ray exclusive? I don't see how anyone could deny that the PS3 played a huge roll.

psnDevistator3563805d ago

I think PS3 was the main reason why blue-ray did so well. Just Like ps2 had a dvd player in it. It was the cheapest player out there.

pwnsause3805d ago

tommorow BLu-ray will have %100 percent of major movie studios on its side thats game over.

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The story is too old to be commented.