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Wii U system review: Next-gen gaming starts with a bang,...and a system update I Gimme Gimme Games

Gimme Gimme Games writes: "You may not understand why the Wii U is next-gen and you may not understand why it’s new features (Miiverse and the Game Pad) are important but once you spend some time with the console you will not want to live without it." (Nintendo, Wii U) 4.5/5

Reaper9937  +   593d ago
Yes it does, 720p and barely 30FPS...mind blown.
yabhero  +   592d ago
What games have you been playing?
Assuming you actually own a WiiU?
PopRocks359  +   592d ago
Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros. U run at a very solid 60FPS. Thanks for your attempt at total ignorance and/or dishonesty.

EDIT: Found out Blops 2 was not so smooth. Oh well, point stands. Nintendo's games look good and run well.
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Reaper9937  +   592d ago
Yes 60FPS and Nintendo land and SMB U are really pushing the graphical envelope.
PopRocks359  +   591d ago
That isn't the point. If we're talking about performance, then the Wii U has proven itself to handle that just fine, even if only with smaller games.

There are games on the 360 and PS3 that don't reach the graphical standard of Nintendo Land (I won't say NSMBU since I agree that that game doesn't really look very different from its Wii predecessor) and still don't run with a smooth framerate at 720p.

If Nintendo pumps out a large scale Metroid and Zelda game that looks great AND runs at a solid framerate with at least 720p resolution, what will you say then?

Everyone wants to talk about how the Wii U has no games to show its graphical capabilities. If that's how you want to see it, fine. But where did this notion that launch software dictates the future of the console even come from?

Go back and look at the 360's launch games and tell me how well they fare to games that come out for the platform right now.
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jbgamer  +   592d ago
When the ps4 and 720 come out, IGN Showed where they are not nearly as powerful as their fans want them to be reality check the wii u can do 1080p and 60fps, their versions of COD, and ME, are the only console versions to run at 1080p sorry but reality is graphics do not matter anymore, if that was the case the ps3, and 360 would have beat the wii, they did not, if it is nintendo that people want then there is nothing you and the rest of the fans of sony, and microsoft can do about it, just enjoy your machines and quit trying to ruin others good time just because you do not like something does not mean there are not those who do enjoy it. Sorry video games do not live, and die by what you, and the sony, and microsoft fans want life is just not that way.
wiiulee  +   592d ago
agreed wiiu is a fantastic system with all kind of possibilites..i understand why haters are hating
daclynk  +   592d ago
Wii U is awesome. so sad that many people are missing out.If you are a GAMER and not sure to get it or not try it out first if a friend has one.You will be mind blown by what the Gamepad can do. This is the Future people.

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