GamingShogun Interviews Vic Davis of Cryptic Comet

From the interview: "GS) There is a 'Collectible Card Game' aspect to Armageddon Empires, which really adds an additional layer of strategy as well as random chance to gameplay. Are there plans to release 'booster packs' for the game?

VD) Yes, I'm actually wading around knee deep in the guts of the program right now adding code for a free mini expansion pack called Cults of the Wastelands. It will basically be version 1.07 of the game and will let you toggle on a challenge mode of sorts to really up the difficulty. You will face off against some insidious cults that have there own plans for the wastelands. Normally the non-AI players called independents just sit there waiting for you to destroy them and claim their treasure. Not these guys. Pizza will send out for you!"

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