The Wii U isn’t just hindered by one giant update– there are countless others

NE: "I want to make it clear that I absolutely adore the Wii U as a console, but it definitely has some major problems. The two everyone seems to be talking about are the oddly long load times (10-20 seconds for an app, sometimes more than 30 for a game) and the big one-hour update that you have to do right at the beginning."

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MultiConsoleGamer2002d ago

I couldn't believe how long it took me to set up my console. At least 5 lengthy updates, plus installing new apps, plus transferting data over from my original Wii.

That's not casual friendly. It's going to be a real headache for parents on Christmas morning.

PopRocks3592002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

Yeah, being asked to wait and let your system become a better system is such a chore. It's not like you can get up and accomplish other things in that time.

Oh sorry, I'm gonna get going and handle something. My PS3's loading its latest update. Looks like it's going to take a solid 40 or so minutes.

Not like waiting for lengthy updates isn't annoying, but don't act as if it somehow breaks the console, especially when PS3 owners have been dealing with such wait times for six years.

HarryMasonHerpderp2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

Nice to know the guy isn't being a fanboy and actually admits there are problems with the WiiU. Good for him. Hopefully Nintendo iron out all of these problems in the near future. sometimes it sucks to buy hardware at launch.

ronin4life2002d ago

Well, that's Nintendo Everything. It is a really good site In my opinion.

wiiulee2002d ago

both the ps3 and xbox needed countless updates and are getting them still.....nintendo and wiiu is off to a great start and im sure nintendo will iron things very happy with my wiiu regardless of haters

jmc88882002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

The Wii U IS off to a great start, but some people like over-exaggerating problems.

Haven't heard of a rash of RROD, it was known quite readily within a week after launch. I was praying the one I bought about a month after that it wouldn't get it...of course it did.

People like to blow things out of proportion like...morons who shut off their console during an update. Hello moron.

People like to hate on the length of the update...sure. Guess those people never downloaded a large Steam game like 30gb's. Hell I updated Battlefield 3 this morning and that was a couple of gigs and I just did other stuff on my PC no problem. Will do the same on the Wii U when it does it.

The OS lag will be fixed, still not a big deal. The hammered servers at launch's a launch...what do you expect.

People are just unrealistic and either forget past launches or weren't old enough to remember them correctly.

We're also living in twitterhead nation which means everyone knows within a millisecond of something wrong and becomes one big giant sewing circle of gossip and a small finger cut becomes 'tis just a flesh wound'. Don't see any real problems lurking around.

Really with a brand new online system, with a brand new os, with a brand new system, and a brand new gamepad....this is a REALLY GOOD launch. But that's reality talking, not fanboy or haterade.

No major problems, just small annoyances, and even now some of which have been fixed (hammered servers), more are being addressed (freeze problem), and probably not long after all will be removed (OS lag).

Alltogether if those are the major problems sign me up on the reality bandwagon as a successful launch. No RROD...No disc scratch problem.

Updates are a part of gaming, there is no way around it. They aren't that bad. Switch over the input and use your pc or watch cable or something.

gnothe12002d ago

that was a killer update at the beginning..then the update just to play nintendo land was horrible...its just as bad as the PS3 with with downloading an then installing the update..i like how the 360 downloads an installs all in one swoop...but still enjoying my Wii U

GuruStarr782002d ago

It wasn't all that bad for me... took me about 45 mins. to download the update and 15 mins. to install it..

The load times kinda suck, though..

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