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Submitted by YOLO_2012 1172d ago | review

Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified Review - writes: At present there are not many top titles have appeared on the Vita that explore the greatest depths of the handheld, especially not Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified. There's nothing, but really nothing fun to do in this game. The multiplayer is painfully, the artificial intelligence to whine and lack of everything. Luckily the singleplayer not even an hour, so you literally really quickly finished with this game. (Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified, PS Vita) 2/10

Haha123  +   1172d ago
GOTY! Finally the vita has a system seller to destroy the 3DS

all hail the epic grafxx and dual sticks!!!
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Blastoise  +   1172d ago
Nice trolling, you should check out Persona 4 golden by the way. One of the highest rated games of the year

This game was always destined to be terrible..
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Gaming_Guru  +   1172d ago
Persona 4 Golden is an updated game, it wasn't built from the ground up for the Vita like Call of Duty: Declassified. Video games moving consoles isn't going to be an updated game released on new hardware, it's like expecting Jack and Daxter Collection Remastered in HD to be a PlayStation 3 seller.

Expecting a games like Uncharted, Halo 4 (Not the Anniversary Collection), or Mario Galaxy system sellers. Possibly getting a game cheaper on older hardware isn't going to move consoles.
Blastoise  +   1172d ago

Not really sure why you're bringing that up.

The guy was trolling, so I was just saying that the Vita does have some good games. That was all.

I didn't really wanna discuss with him system sellers ect, because like I said, he's just trolling.
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HarryMasonHerpderp  +   1172d ago
What are epic "grafxx"?

Persona 4 is probably going under the radar because it's an awesome game and not doom and gloom. People like to focus on the negatives.
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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1172d ago
back under ur bridge.
Apollosupreme  +   1172d ago
Declassified is actually a lot of fun online. I love the multiplayer and have logged 17 hours. The controls are tight, the graphics are solid, no lag, no problems finding matches. Connection has improved tremendously since launch. I wonder what kind of scores this game would have gotten had it been reviewed a couple months later?... Kind of like Madden Vita, where they launched a broken game but then patched it into a very reliable, solid and enjoyable experience.
admiralvic  +   1172d ago
Honestly, it would probably the same if not lower than now. You have to remember that Nihilistic software is done with "full retail" games, so it's completely possible that they won't fix or add anything between now and then. Additionally, the online community isn't exactly huge (going off the complete lack of posts on Gamefaqs and just under 5,000 people noted as owning it on Yourgamercards), so I wouldn't be surprised if the community further dwindled. Finally you're going to have to face vastly over leveled people, so the online will be harder to play due to most people having more experience than you.
Apollosupreme  +   1172d ago
It was still published by Activision and it's their brand name COD on the line. My bet is there is some form of support.
admiralvic  +   1172d ago
You say that, but they also gave the title to Nihilistic Software and there is the rumor of them giving them only a few months to complete it. Both of these things imply they don't care that much or assume the name alone will sell.
Apollosupreme  +   1172d ago
I'll add that it would have served the game's reputation well had it launched a month later BUT they're still selling a tonne so what do I know...
Monstar  +   1172d ago
How is the MP painful (painfully, silly typo) ???

Doesn't it play just like every other COD? besides the obvious hr story and inferior A.I and less on screen, etc etc.

Surely the online would be fun.
birgithau   1172d ago | Spam
anomly  +   1171d ago
so many deluded Vita owners these days, you guys will praise and accept any Vita game no matter how bad it is. Look at all the reviews for the most recent Vita games that have come out,

assassins creed 70%
black ops 2 25%
resistance 60%

These games are suppose to be system sellers and were used to justify your purchase even before they came out, you can't tell me that you'r not even a little disappointed? If I hear another deluded Vita owner telling us how great COD blackops 2 on the Vita is and how every reviewer out there has got it wrong OMG just admit your system really is a sinking ship and move on.

Sell you VIta get a WII U for the same/cheaper price it has better games already on it.

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