Here Are the Top Ten Underrated Upcoming Indie Games

BNR: Ladies and gentlemen, I present to thee: the top ten underrated upcoming indie games. The indies have been churning out games at an amazing rate as of late- but following them all can prove challenging. To help you out, I've put together a neat little top-ten list of some of the most awesome upcoming indie games that haven't gotten much attention. Without further ado, the video.

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grailly1942d ago

some cool games coming up, but I'm pretty sure that these aren't the most innovative out there.

for games with an indie feel check out the double fine amnesia fortnight. I'm really looking forward to those prototypes.

LightofDarkness1942d ago

This guy really likes robots...

Jourdy2881942d ago

I'm that guy, and... Yeah. I love robots.