Bioshock: Infinite Will Not Feature Multiplayer According to Ken Levine

Irrational Games' Ken Levine confirms on Twitter that the upcoming shooter will no longer feature the planned multiplayer mode.

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Jinkies2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

Thank God...

If Ken didn't want it in the game in the first place then good for him for standing his ground but if he did and it didn't work out then this is a bloody miricle.

-Mika-2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

Actually this is not a miracle. Hearing this is actually making me think of cancelling my preorder. This isn't an RPG. No multiplayer=No replay value. I think this is really going to impact the sales of this game. I hope they change their mind and find some way to add co-op.

Jinkies2002d ago

What is wrong with you, why do you always want games to have things which will ruin them.

Its a single player driven story like Bioshock, multiplayer and especially co-op dont belong in this type of game.

I mean your really going to cancel your pre order...REALLY, you can tell your new to gaming this gen.

Jinkies2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

(double post)

TheModernKamikaze2002d ago

Old games didn't have multiplayer like they have now. Some coop,
But mostly it was story-oriented and gameplay.
I would still play it.

NewMonday2002d ago

No tacked on MP is good news to me

Love that avatar XD

animegamingnerd2002d ago

your looking forward to dmc but yet it isn't a RPG or have any multiplayer and with this you have proven to me you are nothing more then a troll just seeking attention i bet all of your post are the opposite of how you feel

KwietStorm2002d ago

LOL its hard to even tell if Mika is just a troll pulling strings anymore. Anyway, this news is such a relief.

Abdou232002d ago

This game can be considered ( RPG ), in my opinion it's more RPG than Mass Effect. And yes if he don't want Online modes the nit's okay, means more focus on the single player.

They should make Wii U version too.

NukaCola2002d ago

As I didn't hate the MP of Bioshock 2, (I thought it was fun for what it was), I have to say I respect Levine's choice to keep the integrity of a single player story. Bioshock is a world in the first person shooter genre that defies the common law and does so much more. It's definitely the Metroid Prime of this generation and is such a breath of fresh air amongst corridor shooters with no depth to them. I think the think that will, truly rise above it's predecessors, is the the way this game opens up. There looks to be so much more in this open world, more story, more life with now having a large variety of characters. There seems to be much more exploration and for the first time in ages, there is a solid interaction and communication between the two characters. You have a bond, Dewitt has a name and voice and this is emotional. This relationship, like the Last of Has, is a huge reason this game is getting me exciting. Pushing the storytelling. I can't wait.

Mika, get lost man. You're always so negative.

Baka-akaB2002d ago

I dont believe for a sec you wanted to order it anyway so ...
And i dont see you having that issue with games with no MP that actually could and should have it .

It's funny how your negative opinions are now the best ads for a game , and your positive ones are some of the best repellant for other games

troncoparati2002d ago

Try out Dishonored to see what replay value is to this kind of games. It doesn't have MP because it doesn't need it.

lashes2ashes2002d ago

I have a great idea for you. Don't play single player games if all you want to do is play with others.. Its pretty easy to tell what games will be made for single player and what is not... Bioshock 1 sold better than bioshock 2 I wonder witch of these two had multiplayer.

NeverEnding19892002d ago

@ModernKamikaze "Old games didn't have multiplayer like they have now"

That's true. But old games also weren't as expensive.

Bioshock is one of my favourite games on this generation, but I never purchased it. I rented it, beat it twice and enjoyed the heck out of it. The singleplayer only focus made it impossible for me to justify $60 for it.

I'd rather not have tacked on multiplayer, but if Bioshock Infinite is going to online be singleplayer with no co-op, then I'm either going to be renting it or wait a couple of years for it to hit the bargain bin.

MegaLagann2002d ago

Yep, I love it when multiplayer is shoehorned in and ruins the single player experience with it because half of the development team had to work on the multiplayer part of the game. Oh hai BioShock 2! But seriously, most games don't need multiplayer.

DarkBlood2002d ago

unlike you mika i do not want co-op or multiplayer tacked on to every damn game in the world just for the sake of it

what are you afraid to be alone or something lol

Tsukuyomi2001d ago

if you depend on MP for replay value..... damn it sucks to be you as a gamer pitiful

snake-OO2001d ago

Bioshock didn't have multiplayer and yet it is one of the best games this gen.
If a game doesn't need multiplayer then there is no need to tack it on. How many people actually play the multiplayer to bioshock 2?

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Jazz41082002d ago

Best news of the day. Concentrate on making the sp beast. I wish more companys would do this as there are still alot of us sp guys out there that dont appreciate a tacked on mp on every game knowing the sp could have been longer or better.

bubblebeam2002d ago

Great news.
Although MP is good, it is only good when it is well thought out, and not just tacked on.

I can't help but think Bioshock 2 suffered from adding in Multi-player. Single player, story oriented games should remain just that.

I HATE tacked on MP (Assassin's Creed MP feels tacked on IMO, although it is fun, it is very basic).

VsAssassin2001d ago

Dead Space 2's MP was also quite tacked on for me. I thought playing as humans was bias and overpowered.

rezzah2002d ago

For a bigger audience, more sales. Of course this series doesn't hang on the MP, so those who buy it want the SP.

Doesn't make sense putting extra work and money into a feature the majority who buy your product, will not use.

However, if you have a good reason for adding the feature then go ahead.

WeAreLegion2002d ago

While it is possible to add really good multi-player to a game and give the gamers a fantastic single-player experience, as well... is not necessary.

Luckily, Naughty Dog made Uncharted 2 anyway. ;)

konnerbllb2002d ago

Why did you pollute your post with that last sentence? You almost nailed it and then bombed.

bubblebeam2002d ago

Whether it was necessary or not, it is still true. Some games can have good SP and MP. It is just very hard to do and almost always results in one being weaker than the other.

Norrison2002d ago

Naughty Dog made the UC2 multiplayer worse :(, it was awesome on release.

Good examples of games with EPIC SP and MP would be
Portal 2
Borderlands 1 and 2
Torchlight 2
Yeah, I like CO OP games :D.

grizzly_house2002d ago

That is beyond awesome and kudos to Ken Levine for keeping his integrity and my hope in this medium.

I think I'll be taking up your preorder spot, friend.

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