Sledgehammer Games Prepares For The Next Call of Duty Title On The Xbox 360 and PS3

It’s time to start looking forward to the next Call of Duty title! Isn’t it?

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GraveLord1728d ago

I wonder if they are developing this solo this time?
Maybe Infinity Ward is hard at work on the first next-gen Call of Duty.

FPSRUSSIA1728d ago

lets hope infinity ward is

Zuperman1728d ago

2 things I want back for the next Call Of Duty.

1. Bring Back One Man Army
2. Stay away from Black Ops style.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

Real infinity ward is at EA..
Have u played mw3?

anyway I am sure ps3 owners can't wait for their broken port.

HammadTheBeast1728d ago

Let's not. Hopefully Respan brings their game out soon and slits CoD's throat.

Tr10wn1727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )


Most of Infinity Wards is not just 2 peoples lol they were the heads of IW but the talent that drive their visions is still in Activition, MW3 was hardly develop by IW they are probably working on another COD maybe next gen but MW3 was mostly a sledgehammer game not IW.


Fuck infinity ward anybody who had any talent at IW doesn't work there anymore... Its IW in name ONLY, dont get it twisted.

Awesome_Gamer1727d ago

Crappy series, Thank God the new one didn't outsell MW3, i can't wait for the day this fad will die.

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Shadonic1728d ago

Bet you it looks only slightly better than black ops

ChronoJoe1727d ago

Infinity Ward are a tiny studio now, at least half of their staff (and all key people) left. I doubt their in a position to develop a next gen Call of Duty game on their own.

ape0071727d ago

sadly IW is not the same anymore after their BEST TALENT left IW, IW now is a shell of its former self

XboxInnovation1727d ago

Infinity ward is a dead studio after 90 percent bailed out and formed Respawn Entertainment.

FanboyPunisher1727d ago

either way passing every COD since MW2 because I can see when a games being milked far past its actual value.

Reused code and assets, keep paying for the same shit sheeple.

Or you can wake up and stop wasting money on the same game you already had....

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The_Infected1728d ago

By the time they make the game wouldn't Xbox 720 and PS4 be out?

Furesis1728d ago

where did you get that one from?

vortis1728d ago

If we go two more years without next gen consoles, all real gamers will move to PCs.

ChronoJoe1727d ago

I doubt that one Vortis. Real gamers don't care too much about graphics.

I play on PS3, 360 an PC mostly, but I'm really looking forward to the next gen consoles. PS4 particularly.

MidnytRain1728d ago

You guys ready for Call of Duty 10???

BX811727d ago

Nope, I think the series needs a rest. I don't know what would surprise me more. If they said COD is taking a break or COD will have dedicated servers on the consoles.

jack who1728d ago

just keep sh**in em out

Jek_Porkins1728d ago

I have to wonder if they are working on current gen versions while Infinity Ward is working on next get versions? I mean MW4 could be a pretty nice Xbox Next launch title if you ask me.

As long as they aren't rushed like with MW3, I'm in for another round of COD.

FPSRUSSIA1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

two bad Infinity ward isnt as good as there where with MW2 since many employees left.

Playstation4LyFe1728d ago

agree, mw2 was revolutionary and epic, mw3 was terrible..

Norrison1728d ago

COD4 was revolutionary and epic, mw2 and mw3 were terrible...


NeoTribe1728d ago

Mw2 was no better than any of the others. Reason people hold that one so high is the nostalgic of it and the fact that its the game that got cod popular in the first place. It sux in comparison to the newer ones.