7 Wii U games too insane to exist (hopefully)

Gamers are sure to see a lot of ambitious projects on Nintendo's Wii U in the next few years, but here's hoping that nobody takes the console's dual-screen concept in any disturbing directions.

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wita1518d ago

Heh, metaphor for game design.

Lifeequals421518d ago

That TSA game sounds like one of those twisted Japanese hentai games.

roblef1518d ago

lol, "his lonely, vaguely racist grandmother."

knocknock1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

Wow part of my life irritreavably lost, I feel hard done by lol

BlackWolf1517d ago

Um... "Worst Case Scenario" reminds me of "Disaster: Day of Crisis", only focused on survival instead of shooting. I like that idea, honestly.

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