PlayStation Blog: Is The "Format War" Over?

Jeff Rubenstein // Social Media Manager writes:

I don't know how much you gamers have been following the Blu-ray vs HD-DVD "format war", but since every PS3 owner has a stake in it, I thought I'd share some interesting developments that have taken place recently…

If you *have* been paying attention, you'll probably remember that about a month ago, Warner Bros. threw its considerable weight behind the Blu-ray Disc format. Then in the last week, both Best Buy and Netflix also chose Blu-ray as their format of choice.

This weekend, in what might be the decisive victory in this "format war," Toshiba - leader of the HD-DVD camp - is reported to be pulling out of the HD-DVD business. Analysts had been saying that a lot of consumers are waiting for a clear format victor before plunking down their hard-earned money on a device. Based on this month's NPD numbers, consumers had seen which way the wind was blowing even before this week.

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TooL 3163805d ago

we can only hope that, when they do decide to plunk down that hard earned cash its on a ps3 and not the standalone blu-ray player.

TheExecutive3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

BD winning this format war was HUGE for the PS brand. Say what you will about a gaming machine is "just" a gaming machine but every PS3 bought comes with both the new standard HD format and one hell of a gaming machine. Even if people buy the PS3 for movies they are still potential customers of the gaming community.

I think some people really like to downplay the enormity that is the format war because they dont understand how huge this is for the PS3. In the end what helped make the ps2 so popular is what will help the ps3 become another Sony giant. Forward thinking and risk taking often has its benefits.

I expect when HD-DVD officailly calls it quits the ps3 will explode in units sold. If it is going to happen tomorrow like some suggest, I think the sales will rival a major exclusive release of a game. Right in time for things like GTA4. This year is going to be a good year for the ps3. I could be wrong but thats just my opinion.

MetalProxy3805d ago

Agreed man, you would have to be retarded thinking this wont help sony.