Five Side Scrolling Game Boy Advance Games You Shouldn’t Miss This Holiday Season

Triverse writes, "Sure, the Game Boy Advance is an older portable and can be had for quite a cheap price now so that makes it the perfect gift for a cash strapped family that have gamers in the house wanting to game on the go. Not everyone has $150+ for the latest portable devices, then $30+ per game, that is why we are pointing out five titles on the GBA that stand out and will still strike a chord with kids of today."

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ninjahunter1258d ago

Suddenly its 10 years ago.

Blacktric1258d ago

B-but that's not a bad thing...

is it?

BTW will you be getting GTA: Vice City?

ninjahunter1258d ago

Yea, Definitely grabbing that, but that half life 2 im not sure about that one, i think ile steer clear. :P

Yi-Long1258d ago

... yeah it's had a slow start, but I'm 100% positive things will pick up and it will end up being the most succesful console in the history of gaming! It's amazing!

Blacktric1258d ago

I also just upgraded my graphics card to GeForce 3. I literally cannot wait for Doom 3. It's going to be amazing.


MattyG1258d ago

The Delorean! It's in N4G!

azshorty20031258d ago

Either that or 2 stoners just stumbled out of a phone booth looking to write a history paper.

jslash1258d ago

A wild decade appears!

abzdine1258d ago

They forgot Rayman which was a very good game on Advance.

arabiensoldier1258d ago

PEOPLE don't waste your money the GBA SP is around the corner and it comes with a back lit screen!!!

Sclavius1258d ago

wait wait wait. a backlit screen? next thing you'll be telling me is they'll make a gameboy with TWO screens.

arabiensoldier1258d ago

the future is getting scary my friend....You never know we might be waving wands around like wizards....

BlaqMagiq241258d ago

I'm playing Pokemon on my GBA right now! I can't wait to battle people wirelessly one day. Until then I'll just have to stick with my old link cable.

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