Understanding "Gaming Guilt"

Games, like various other forms of entertainment, allows for an escape from everyday life. But is it always worth it to indulge in this hobby?

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sdozzo1884d ago

As a 27 year old, anything longer than a couple hours and I feel like I'm a leech who should do something more productive. Teens at least have a good excuse.

Bentert1884d ago

Disagree dude.
I'm 28 and can still happily play eight hours straight, it just seldom happens what with work and the wife.

sdozzo1884d ago

Yeah, but don't you feel bad when you are killing or something for a few hours and your wife is being productive. There is always shit to do etc.

Hicken1883d ago

Why should he feel bad for spending his free time the way he wants?

Why should anybody?

For years, my dad tried to tell me what a waste gaming was. I never listened. Never will. He kills time fishing, which is cool: I love fishing, too.

But I love games, and that's what I like to do. So I kill time doing that, and damn whoever thinks it's a waste, as I don't do it for their satisfaction in the first place.

Baka-akaB1884d ago

That's a ridiculous notion . What do you think those that arent into games do with their free time , the same eight hours ? Most just watch tv on their free time .

Nothing productive there

Bentert1884d ago

She will watch hours of shit tv whilst I game.
I'm at peace pumping hours into gaming, she knew what she was getting herself in for!

LightofDarkness1884d ago

I've struggled with this idea before. However, I have made my peace with it.

The feeling that you should always be doing something productive or self-enriching is not in itself productive; this is a symptom of a good degree of unnecessary social paranoia. It's pretty much an over-active "shame" response, it's you examining your self as an external entity and judging that entity via an imagined societal rule-book. It basically means that you subconsciously place far too much value on what other people think of you and how you spend your time.

Most of the people who would cast judgmental tutting over your gaming habits have their own vices that simply "waste" time. Watching 4 hours of football and sports related programming a day, or reality shows, or browsing the web/social networking, or any other related example. These are simply more socially acceptable to our culture (only because more people do it).

Most often, people on their death bed regret not spending more time enjoying themselves (and spending time with family/friends), instead of trying to work and be productive all the time. You're allowed to entertain yourself in whatever manner you see fit, so long as it's within the law. Last I checked, gaming wasn't illegal. So stop worrying about what other people think about your hobbies and just enjoy yourself.

Flipgeneral1884d ago

a wise man who is comfortable in his own skin..

couldn't have said it better myself!

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